Thursday, May 7, 2009

Country clubbers unite

Oh yes my friends.  The sophisticated rednecks you know and love are taking a walk on the more sophisticated side.   I'm sure the redneck days of sitting in tailgating chairs drinking beer in the carport aren't behind us, but looking ahead we have some very uppity options we did not have before.  We are suddenly members of the Smoke Rise Country Club complete with golf, swim and tennis, and the ever exciting club restaurant.  I have not actually been to or seen all of this yet, but I  am awaiting the day on pins and needles!  Of course, we have to have a baby here before clubbing can take full swing.  

Speaking of baby, while my true due date is today, I have exhausted many efforts to get this child to make an appearance.  It's not the baby's fault, but I am antsy for it's arrival being that I thought all along the due date was a week ago.  We went to Scalini's last night and I ate the eggplant Parmesan.  I have had Mexican.  I have walked around Target repeatedly and spent money I probably didn't need to spend in the process.  I am about 90% sure that all of this has done nothing.  BUT, good times were had by all so I can't complain.  We have no solid, committed girl name and the boy name may not be Owen after all.  I KNOW.  We are a little out of control in the name department.   Just know that when you finally hear the sex and name of this child do not say a word other than how much you love the name.   I just don't think we could take it if you poke fun after all this deliberation.  Anyway, cross your fingers, say a prayer, do a little dance...whatever you think will send labor pains our way.  I AM READY.


  1. I'm crossing my fingers, saying a prayer and doing a dance hoping it will help!!! :) Can't wait to meet the baby and find out FINALLY if it's a boy or girl!
    Hang in there...

  2. Yah...ask me how excited I am to be considered a "country clubber"...I don't see myself going there AT ALL!!

  3. I'm dancing right now!

  4. When, how, and where did this country club situation occur? I am selfishly glad because we need to make sure there is a pool available this summer.

    Have you had that baby yet!??!!

  5. If I thought dancing would do it for you, I'd be jigging in the streets all night! At this point, you can name the child Fido and I'll be FINE with that. I just want it to be here! I'm sure not NEARLY as much as YOU do!! I love you both! Hang in there. We're gonna make it!

  6. Congrats, Jana and Seth
    Chris and I were just in your shoes, as Daniel was born on April 7. It has been amazing and exhausting. We wish you the best!


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