Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend review

Apparently there are more ladies out there that like X-men than I thought!  Well ladies, if you haven't seen Wolverine in all his glory yet, I suggest you do.  Seth seemed slightly disappointed in the movie and I will agree that it left some things to be desired.  I just can't tell you what those things are.  Of course they leave it open ended for a other X-men origins movies to follow.  But there were times where I thought it was lacking something.  The people who are in it are fantastic and so are the special effects and all of that so it's still a must see.

Unfortunately, I will not be seeing any more movies before baby Burrow's arrival.  My love for the Movie Tavern has been squelched by severe back pain that comes with going there.  Something about the way the seats are and the insane size of my belly does not mesh.  Twenty minutes into the movie I would almost rather be standing the whole time.  I also want to take a poll.  Who thinks that bringing a child between the ages of say birth and three years old to a movie is normal?  If you do think so, I apologize if I am about to offend you.  But seriously, I want to walk up to people like that and say "just because you can't find a sitter doesn't mean it's ok to subject the rest of us to your screaming infant during a movie we just paid close to $20 to see!".  It truly infuriates me.  No movie is so great that you can't go without seeing it in the theater.  Rent it when it comes out for rent and watch it in the privacy of your own home so that when your baby is screaming or your two year old wants to spend thirty minutes talking about Blues Clues it only interrupts the movie for you.   I will be the first to say I love kids and babies more than anything, but there are appropriate measures I believe people should take as parents.  Am I wrong here?

Anyway, the second part of our weekend fun was the shockingly entertaining Kentucky Derby.  I have never once watched the Derby, gone to a Derby party, or even given it a thought really. Our friends Dave and Nicole moved back to Atlanta after living in Richmond, VA for a while and they enjoyed the Derby parties up there so much that they wanted to have their own.  It came complete with big hats, bourbon tasting, and gambling on the race.   Nine months prego and all, I had the best time!  Of course, how can you not have the best time when there is an endless amount of spinach dip and cookies (thanks Meg)?  The fun started with the fantastic food.  It then moved on to the bourbon tasting which was a total riot.  At the end of the tasting the most talked about, most enjoyed, and (according to the guys) most delicious brand of bourbon was actually the second cheapest bottle on the table.  Everyone was stunned!  I think it was called Ancient Age.  Next, we all piled in the house to watch the Derby.  We had all put in $5 each and drawn a number for a horse.  So there was no skill involved here.  My horse was "Mr. Hot Stuff" and Seth's was "Nowhere to Hide".  Meg ended up being the big winner of the pot of money with "Mine that Bird".  I learned that the Derby is considered to be the fastest three minutes in sports.  I have to admit, I rather enjoyed the instant gratification even if I didn't win.  

Alright so everyone cross their fingers that baby Burrow makes an appearance this week.  I will be going to Scalini's for the eggplant Parmesan on Wednesday night if anyone is interested in joining in :-)

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