Friday, May 1, 2009

Major dorks

That would be us!  I went earlier today to buy tickets to see Wolverine tonight.  Seth and I are still on a long running boycott of the gigantic mega movie theater (Regal 24 on Shallowford Rd.) near our house due to his truck being broken into last year and their COMPLETE lack of regard or security.  SO, not long ago a Movie Tavern opened even closer to our house.  Movie Taverns are the chain where you can go and order dinner and drinks and such and each and drink while you watch the movie.  We love the Movie Tavern.  It's only downside is that it is quite small and the theaters are even smaller due to all the extra room needed for tables for your food.  Therefore, I went at noon today to buy the Wolverine tickets for the 7:30 pm movie because it will probably sell out quickly there.  That, my friends, is not what makes us huge dorks.  We have been looking forward to this movie like crazy.  For Seth, or boys in general, that's not such a dorky thing.  The few girls I have told about my excitement about this movie have kind of looked at me like I have two heads.  That is when I began to realize that my fascination with X-men, and Wolverine in particular, is not something I share with many women.  At any rate, as much as I do want baby Burrow to come I am secretly hoping it will not be during the movie.  Seth is not so secretly hoping.  He is quite verbal about how I should make sure the baby doesn't come until at least tomorrow.  I keep telling him we would be a lot more well off if I could predict such things, let alone control them.  

This doesn't make us dorks, but we are also going to a Kentucky Derby party tomorrow.  I do say "we" in the hopeful mindset that Seth will be able to go.  I don't plan to wear a big fancy hat because I just don't think big and fancy coincide with nine months pregnant.  Call me crazy, but I fear a festive enough hat for a Kentucky Derby party will accentuate my already enormous state.  Regardless, I'm excited to have something fun to do!  I am getting a little stir crazy even though I have plenty to do.  

Lastly in the weekend update for the Burrows, my dad will be getting into town on Sunday.  He recently took over as the VP of the Atlanta Tiffany's along with the other stores in this region. This region was added to the Florida region which he was already VP of.   So visits from Pop, as he will be called now, will be much more frequent.  He, of course, just found out about the change in due date, but he had already bought a plane ticket to come up here. I'm discussing with baby Burrow that his or her Pop will be very disappointed if he doesn't get to meet his first grandchild while he's here.  Of course, he will be here for a week and then back through here again not long after that, so they will meet soon.  It just doesn't hurt to provide some incentive right?  

Anyway, I hope whoever is still reading this blog has a great weekend.  By the way, if you do still read, please become a follower.  It's really easy to do and I would love to see who is still reading. Just look on the right side of the screen where the three followers have signed up and add yourself.   Thanks!!!


  1. 1. My grandmother always said if you wear a hat when you're nine months pregnant, people will notice your hat and not your belly :)

    2. I am so looking forward to Wolverine -- not for the movie itself, but for seeing Hugh Jackman!

    3. We can't wait for baby Burrow to get here :) I'm sure you are more ready than anyone though!

  2. I hope that your baby comes soon! I enjoy your humor :) Soon your blog will become ALL about the baby as ours has become about our kids. But I guess they are the more entertaining part of our lives.

  3. I am totally with you on X-Men! Maybe it's growing up w/ all my brothers, but I have always loved the X-Men--watched the cartoon as a kid and LOVE the movies! Hope you're feeling good!

  4. OK! So- HOT!!! I must be a complete dork too, because I've always loved XMen and Wolverine in particular! ;) you guys ever go to the Starlight Drive-In!?!? It's our favorite place to see movies because it's kid friendly and you can see up to 2 to 3 movies on a weekend night for $7 a person! So MUCH FUN, we need to get a group together and go!

    P.S. Corey's dad's name is Pops and I LOVE IT!!! So cute! ;)

    Hang in there, secretly hoping Baby Burrow comes on my birthday!!!

    Christine :)


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