Thursday, July 31, 2008

Snowball Effect

So you know how one thing goes wrong and it then slowly becomes apparent that the universe is conspiring against you? I won't rehash what that one thing that happened was (because I said I wouldn't), but let's just say I read "The Secret" and it seems that I am attracting CRAP to myself!!!

I am going to make this brief (well, brief for me) so that I can go listen to my playlist and think happy thoughts so the universe will throw some money at me or something.

I went to the dentist yesterday shortly after that happy little blog I posted. He said my teeth look great! And then he said that a cavity I had filled forever ago needed to be refilled. I didn't even know they did that. So, I made an appointment for today to have it filled. Fine, great, no big deal. I don't mind the dentist. It's not fun of course, but needles and the like have never bothered me. So he shoots me up with Novocaine and I wait to become numb faced. I hate to admit this, but I have done this fairly recently another time so I know the drill. I am patiently waiting for the drugs to do their magic. Problem is, there is a large area of my face/mouth that doesn't feel numb (and that area is the closest to the tooth). I tell him this so he shoots in a little bit more, the numbness is in full force, and we are off! Tooth is fixed, I leave to go pick up a three year old from school that I have been watching this week, and everything seems fine. The dentist told me I would be numb for longer than usual, but I expected that. WELL, I was numb for quite a while and the three year old was bothered by the fact that I couldn't really speak clearly. I wanted to say, "yea this isn't so fun for me either" but he's three. He moved on quickly. I started to realize that the immense amount of numbness took away the feeling in my TMJ ridden jaw - so for the 45 minutes that my mouth was open during the filling, it was obviously open in a very awkward way that I was not aware of. How do I know this? Because as feeling came back to my jaw/face it was EXCRUCIATING. So not only did I spend most of today with droopy face, lockjaw, and eventually a migraine, but I forgot to upload my new playlist to my Ipod so that I could sing/dance off the frustration. So much for healing helps when you are trying to self medicate (even if it is with music) to actually remember to do so.

PS - I am now in the mindframe that this horrendous week is a way of releasing all of the negative before school starts so that the first couple weeks of school are AMAZING (need I say lofty goals/melodramatic?).

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