Sunday, August 3, 2008


Number One:
Molly is doing SO well! She goes into the "down/stay" position (laying on the ground basically) and she waits until she is told to get up. She does this even when a treat is sitting on a table near her! I also tried what I call her "leaving visitors alone" with Kim and Vanessa (thanks ladies) and while Molly is still very excited she didn't jump or freak out nearly as much. AND, as a bonus, Seth and I decided that she might need to be given some freedom. She goes in her crate when we are not home and at night and now that school is starting back we were starting to think she might go into shock in the crate during the day. So, we went to run a few errands today and let her stay in just the kitchen area. The big concern was (and will be for a long time) that she will start chewing on the legs of the kitchen table and chairs. We left twice today, both times for more than an hour, and she didn't destroy anything. I am SO PROUD. Kudos Molly...we knew you could learn - maybe we just needed to know that we could learn to teach you :-) (Stay tuned for the blog where Molly eats another rug...I am not delusional in thinking that we are out of the puppy woods yet!)

Number Two:
It's official. I will no longer be playing tennis in the summer. I have dealt with overheating my entire life. Tennis is just about the only exercise I have found that I can truly say I love so I continue to push the limits and play in 95 degree weather anyway. Well, today after near throwing up/passing out/not being able to catch my breath heat exhaustion Seth put his foot down and said I was no longer allowed to play summer USTA. Seth NEVER flat out says he doesn't want me to do something so I know how concerned he is. And I have to admit, having a migraine every Sunday at the end of the day is no longer worth the love of the game. I will just have to play tennis the rest of the year and go caving every Sunday in the summer or something....the caves are 60 degrees so that's a fair trade right?

Number Three:
I am 28 years old. I know I am not OLD by any stretch. However, there comes a time in one's life where the signs of "growing up" more than anything start to make you feel old. I have traded the kind of excitement I used to feel over a Dave Matthews concert or an all-nighter with friends for the absolute, 100%, THRILL of getting a new washing machine and dryer. I mean I feel like it's Christmas (which is fun and depressing all at the same time). Once we actually bring them home tomorrow you better believe there will be pictures posted....I don't care how much posting appliances on my blog ages me.

Number Four:
Last but not least, school starts tomorrow. Well, the kids don't come back until a week from tomorrow, but this life of sleeping in, traveling, actually getting things done, etc. is now over. I can hear what you are thinking. Wah, wah, wah - she had two months off while we are all working (except you Katie) and now she wants to whine about having to work again? My answer to you? YES, YES, and YES. It's my blog so deal with it. No seriously, don't write me off yet. I am not going to complain or whine. I'm actually only adding this update so that you are prepared for what is to come. You will still see the random ramblings that are our lives...there will probably just be A LOT more ramblings that are about my job in the near future. Of course, for confidentiality purposes I am going to have to be very vague and come up with some sort of code to CMA. At any rate, I LOVE comments...hell, suggestions will probably be more in order (even if you have never taught anyone anything in your life *doubtful* FEEL FREE to make suggestions). Until then, please pray that the home warranty gods replace our AC.

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  1. Jana- I'm totally there with ya on the washing machine thing! It does "AGE" us, but I really, really love ANYTHING house related that makes my life easier! :) Happy Washing!


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