Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Oh baby when the sun comes up...."

I pride myself on the fact that I try really hard to be aware of my of which is needing to rant about something just long enough to drive those around me crazy and then coming out of the rant like a new person. Obviously I am referencing yesterday's blog (actually I am referencing ALL of my behavior yesterday for those who were subjected to me). I appreciate the comments very much and it is important to note that I am making a concerted effort to be proactive about what's bugging me.

SO, I have decided to make myself the healer of all healers...the one thing that can alleviate all situations, pains, bad breakups, bad hair days, etc. etc....

....a mixed tape!!!! Rather, a mixed CD - No wait! A mixed playlist?? Whatever, you get the point.

I once got an email that went something like put your Ipod on shuffle and fill in the song for each of the categories listed and this is the soundtrack of your life. I LOVED THAT EMAIL (If you have it or know the categories off the top of your head because you are just that cool, please let me know!).

Anyway, that's the line of thinking I'm going with today. Only this playlist, if you will, needs to be composed of songs that will seriously FORCE you to bust a move in your car on that dreaded BAD DAY...songs that make you want to call everyone you know and sing to them....songs that are unavoidably going to make you HAPPY!!! (Music does this to me...if eating 3 pizzas in one sitting or shopping at every mall in the city is your gig, MORE POWER TO YA).

I am now going to list the songs that have made the cut for me so far - there is a large possibility that you will not enjoy some of them. That's why it's my list. BUT, I would love any suggestions of songs that could be added....or feel free to tell me your whole list! The more options, the better the bad day gets. Oh and if you randomly call me singing one day I promise I won't judge you.

Sun Comes Up - John Legend
Feelin' Alright -Joe Cocker
Home - Marc Broussard
Lovely Day - Bill Withers
Piano Man - Billy Joel
Soul Singing - Black Crowes
Rock and Roll Heaven's Gate - Indigo Girls
Steamroller - James Taylor
Living for the City - Stevie Wonder


  1. You know what song always pumps me up and makes me want to dance?!

    PUSH IT!

    I can't remember who "sings" that, but its so fun and so 80s. What's better than that?! :)

  2. Oh Kim, it's Salt n' Pepa, how could you NOT know that?

    You should play around with muxtape, it's a fun way to make mixtapes and share them with whoever, or just find new music. Mine is here:

    Once you make one of your own, then you can use muxfind to find similar playlists and music.


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