Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things I would be thankful for...

...if I wasn't having such a CRAPPY day.

Disclaimer #1 - I am actually thankful for these things even if it sounds like I'm not.

Disclaimer #2 - CRAPPY is such a stupid word. It doesn't even come close to the level of explanation needed that other curse words so perfectly convey. BUT, I decided that I have a potty mouth and I would like this blog to reflect a less redneck, more refined version of myself. Because blogs are just so great about letting you know the EXACT times I blog, you will see for yourself how long that lasts.

Disclaimer #3 - If you are looking for a positive outlook on life today, don't keep reading.

I am thankful for the roof over my head even if I would like to torch the place right now (it may light up on it's own due to above 90 degree temperatures these days).

I am thankful for the shirt on my back even though I can't wash it or any of the other clothes I have sweat through in the past 48 hours because my washing machine decided to join my HVAC unit and PISS ME OFF BY DIEING.

I am thankful for the "sound mind and body" that comes with being 28 years old even though I am pretty sure my real age (you know like they talk about on Oprah?) is actually pushing 60 because I still feel like someone beat me up, and all I did was crawl around in some caves for a few hours.

I am thankful for my job even though the most exciting thing about school starting back next week is that my "learning cottage" (AKA TRAILER) has AC.

I am thankful for my gorgeous dog who so lovingly dug around in something that seems to be her own crap (there's that word again) and had to be given a bath in our 85 degree bathroom where the light fixture does not work (no it's not the light bulb - the house is just old and FALLING APART).

I am thankful for my husband who is not going to be upset with me for detesting our house so much today (hint hint Sethy poo).

Lastly, I am thankful for my mom and my friends who have so graciously told me that I can come stay at their house even though what they don't know is that I might not leave until November when it is cold outside.

I know what you are thinking...just get a new AC unit you crazy melodramatic whiny baby. WELL, that in and of itself is a long story, but the short version is THEY COST A LOT OF MONEY. We could do it, but what's the fun in that when winter is right around the corner right? Why do now what you can sweat through and complain about until 9 months from now??? Yea, this is yet another thing I will have to keep you posted on. I can tell you that if I were reading this blog I would be sick of hearing about some nutcase being hot all the time...SO I am going to refrain after this blog from mentioning it...just stay tuned for the blog called I AM FREEZING :-)


  1. sounds like tons of fun hon! PLEASE come use our washing machine tomorrow and get a break from your crazy-hot house!

  2. I feel your pain!! At least you're not 7 months pregnant -- our AC upstairs is broken and last night if I could've fallen asleep standing up I would have gone to the basement and stood with the freezer door open all night long!! You are welcome to come use our washing machine if you need to :) I am enjoying your blog -- isn't it fun??


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