Monday, March 18, 2013

Lila update

Aside from the random tidbit here and there I haven't done an update on the girls in what feels like forever. So much has changed that this post feels massive. Their little hearts exude loveliness all over me every single day, and I feel the need to show that off a little.


...the fashionista. After the consignment sale I had her try on everything I bought while Evie was napping. She (we) had so much fun that I just wanted to take her shopping immediately and have her try stuff on. I would actually do that if she wouldn't be heartbroken that we didn't buy it all.

...the student. Lila officially goes to school five days a week now and truly loves it. That only just started two weeks ago and it honestly doesn't feel that different from three days. We made that choice in preparation for next school year where she will either do five half days at the church preschool or five full school days at the public school in pre-K. Yep. This is happening people. I AM NOT READY.

...the dancer. Lila spent the entire first two months of the school year telling us she needed to be in the after school ballet class. We were hesitant for various reasons, but finally we caved and signed her up. Wouldn't you know she thought it was the greatest thing that ever happened to her. That is until about two weeks ago. Suddenly she was much less interested and just wanted to watch instead of participate. The recital is next week! She tells me all day long that she does really want to do the recital. This is the world of a fickle three year old. We will see what happens.

...the almost four year old. She says the phrase "on my four years old birthday" at least five times a day. This is either in reference to something she thinks she will magically be capable of doing come the ripe old age of four, or something she wants for her birthday. I lost track of what she wants weeks ago. At this age she is well beyond the difficult times of tantrums, trying time out, and potty training. That span of 18 months (ish) to about three and a half for us was tough. I read in Parents magazine this month that when you feel like you have a "difficult" child you are actually feeling the beginnings of amazing and beneficial qualities down the line. I wouldn't call Lila a difficult child. Every kid has their strengths and weaknesses. Lila just knew really well how to push the limits sometimes. But, every time she did in the back of my mind I was saying a prayer that she never loses that determination and fire.  She still has those things, but she is more aware of her actions and reactions. Long ago we put into place ways to help her calm down or figure out a situation that is tough. It's taken a while, but she uses those ideas all the time now. Sometimes she tells me she's doing it and sometimes I just know. It's very refreshing when the way you parent really feels like it's working!

...the big sister. I get choked up on this one. Lila is a lover, not a fighter. But, she needs control and wants things to go her way. When Evie doesn't follow the path Lila so carefully lays out for her Lila becomes a massive puddle on the floor. She's heartbroken on the very rare occasions that Evie doesn't want to emulate her every move. I find this to be so endearing I can't even stand it. At the same time, she tries so hard to let it be Evie's choice. She will take Evie's hand and say, "Evie do you want to do my hair?" and Evie jumps at the chance. I spy on them all the time and Lila never ceases to amaze me with her kindness.

...the out of the blue jokester. Recently she will say or do things that crack both of us up unexpectedly. She is laughing because she now knows how funny she can be. I am laughing because she seems genuinely proud and shocked when it happens (and because it was funny)! The other day she actually tried to blame a toot on me. She was so tickled with herself that I couldn't object because I was laughing so hard. Wonder who taught her that?

Sorry for the lengthy post! Thanks for letting me indulge in my big girl for a bit.


  1. I love that you are back to blogging! Reading your blog is a great start to the day!

  2. I don't feel like its too long at all. I love her fashionista style! Ella is really into glasses, hats and scarves right now. Its pretty awesome.

  3. I just love your girls! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh, also....when is her recital? I'd love to come if I can, and maybe having an audience would encourage her to dance!

  5. This is so sweet! My daughter changes 18x a day too...


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