Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Holla Hump Day!

It feels so good to have Holla Hump Day back!  Some of this is very now, and some of it has been a long time coming.

This week's (or past few months) shout outs go to...

...trainer Rahman "Ray" Grayson. Interestingly, I have never actually met this person. He is my friend Kim's trainer, and every so often he will do free thirty day challenges online.

Let's back up. So, a few months ago I decided to try out therapy. Honestly, it was sort of a last resort. I went twice. I can't explain why, but it just wasn't working out. BUT, the therapist did ask a few very important questions. Are you taking care of yourself? Are you exercising and eating right and getting enough sleep? It took all I had not to laugh out loud and state the obvious. I have a three year old and a one year old. So no. No, I am not doing those things. She went on to tell me that studies are showing that exercising thirty minutes or more a day is the equivalent to taking half of an antidepressant. That stuck with me.

Right about that time Kim invited me to do the challenge that Ray was offering through Facebook. He sent out daily emails with the challenge of the day, and the support in the Facebook group was amazing. For the first time I was exercising more to feel better instead of to look better. I didn't lose a pound, but I'm pretty sure I gained some serious muscle. None of that matters though. I gained some of myself back. My girls gained a mom with purpose instead of sadness all the time. Now, when Lila goes to school and Evie doesn't, Evie automatically asks if we are going to the gym. She's my very own accountability partner, and she doesn't even know it. Thank you Ray for offering something for free that fit the bill for what I needed. And, kudos to you for trying to get tons of people off the couch.

...the Zumba instructors at the YMCA I go to for simultaneously making me feel like a total hottie and a beached whale. It's the weirdest relationship ever. And again, they don't know me. They know my face, but that's about it. Well, and they know that my footwork leaves a lot to be desired. Zumba is sort of hysterical. You dance around provocatively with women of all ages which opens up a certain level of vulnerability. That is where these teachers are amazing. They make you feel like you can do that and do it well. They also look like they teach Zumba all day every day. That's where the beached whale feeling comes into play. I mean that in the best possible way. It's motivating and impressive on so many levels. I'm all about being proud of your body no matter what stage you're at. But, I can also recognize how much hard work someone puts into being healthy and in shape. kid's teachers. Evie decided a few months ago to wake up insanely early every day. Our house being the size that it is means that everyone is up when Evie is up. It's fine for her because she takes a nap. The rest of us just cope for now. Lila could nap but then wouldn't go to bed until some crazy time like midnight. Therefore, those teachers are often getting the tired and cranky version of my kids. They do it with a smile and such love that I appreciate more than they could ever know.

...the fine people over at a little company called The Dinner A'fare. It's the best kind of magic known to women who loathe making dinner. I have said this before. I EAT ANYTHING. Everyone else in this house, not so much. I was making dinner after dinner that I thought was decent while everyone else turned up their nose or suffered through it. Well, now they do that (except for Seth), but it only took me ten to fifteen minutes to "make" instead of half the day. It's not the cheapest situation. I have also said before that sometimes in the world of simply needing things to be easier, if you pay a little extra it's always worth it.  Some people have a cleaning lady. I have dinner delivered to my door, stuck in my freezer, and ready 12 nights a month for me to pretend to cook.

Happy Hump Day ya'll!


  1. Whoo hoo Holla Hump Day is back! :) I'm so excited, and not just because I (sort of) got a shout out! I'm so glad you liked the challenge. Maybe one you can come meet Ray and work out with us!! I know he would love to hear your feedback and such nice comments. I'm proud to call you a friend! Love you!

  2. Can I just say AGAIN, how glad I am that you are BACK!!! :)

  3. Thanks guys! And Kim, maybe I will gather up the courage to do that someday ;-)


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