Sunday, November 4, 2012


While I may still be stuck in time, my header shouldn't be. But it is. Honestly, that's more because I have big plans of redoing this blog. I have all of these ideas and hopes for it, but I just need to sit down and do it (and do it right). I daydream about sitting at a coffee shop with my laptop while the girls are at "school". Instead, I go Christmas shopping. Or clean my house. Or complete one of the other tasks I have lined up for myself. Plus, I really need some new computer software to get the ball rolling. Until then you will just have to keep looking at those cute little chickies as they were over two months ago.

I guess I could update you on HOW they are actually doing though! Here goes...


...was a ballerina for Halloween. This stems from her deep and urgent desire to be in the ballet class at school which stems from watching another little girl go to said class every Wednesday. Lila hounded her teacher for two weeks straight by telling her every day that she needed to go to dance class. When the day came (Halloween ironically) that she was to go to her first class she could. not. stop. talking. about. it. It took me two hours the night before to get her to go to sleep. She could have cared less about Halloween. However, I do fear how late we may be up Christmas Eve. It's not her fault. I can't stand to miss a thing and I get entirely too excited to be patient about things I am looking forward to too. I love her intense desire for things she knows she will love.

...still hates using the potty. I don't understand how I have a 3 1/2 year old that has to be reminded and sometimes begged to go to the potty AND an 18 month old that just wants to sit on it all day (see below).

...has decided she needs to marry Carson. She has said this to me on a few occasions. The most recent time was last night when the Beans came over for dinner. Before they came Lila announced that she and Carson would get married. I asked why. She said it was because they were best friends. She even said, "shouldn't we get married since we are best friends?". I told her that was fine with me. At the rate we're going Seth is going to need all the help he can get. But, I did explain that you don't HAVE to marry every best friend you have. I told her I have many best friends that I'm not married to. She then said, "well, I'm going to marry her anyway".

...would color all day long! I started buying coloring books at the dollar store because she goes through them so quickly. She doesn't really seem to care much about what she's coloring which helps with the dollar store purchases. Plus, she's really good at it. She especially like it when someone colors with her. She spends the whole time talking about what color she's using to color a specific part of the picture. I love the age she is entering so much. Four years old is such a magical, glorious age to me. Everything is imagination and excitement!

EVIE... the most entertaining child ever. I realize she's mine and I'm supposed to say that. But, I've been around a lot of children in my life. She takes the cake. I can't really even put my finger on it. All I know is that she has been the definition of comic relief for me these days.

...was a monkey for Halloween. This was the laziest costume ever created. It's a good thing she's not old enough to know that. I didn't go buy a costume. I simply put brown pants and brown jacket on her, gave her a monkey beanie hat, put together a tail about twenty minutes before walking out the door, and called it a day. She rocked it though...even if she did need the tail to be removed halfway down the street.

...talks more than some 4 year olds. No lie. The girl has verbal skills down. I had always heard that the second child often talks much less and much later than the first. When I took Evie to her 15 month appointment the doctor asked the routine questions. One of them was something like, "does she say more than ten words?". I remember thinking I had never really counted how many words she was saying because she was at full on sentences and it seemed silly. Seth and I sat down about a month ago and counted over fifty words and then quit counting.

...has a serious obsession with the potty. I would say that she's obsessed because she wants nothing more than to BE Lila. However, we have surpassed this being a "copy your big sister" type situation. She wants to sit on the potty constantly. She could be fully dressed, partially dressed, or completely naked. It makes no difference. She sits for quite a while, "wipes", flushes, and washes her hands. And then she does the whole process again immediately. SO, I spend a great deal of my day trying to get Evie out of the bathroom and Lila into it. a lover and a fighter. She will love on me so much my heart hurts. But when she's mad you pretty much have to leave the room. Lately she scrunches up her face and says, "I don't want to". This is often followed by throwing herself on the floor and screaming. Lila and I typically go in another room and when Evie realizes we've left she comes to find us and usually starts playing with us again. also obsessed with Lila. If Lila's doing it Evie needs to be too. A good example is breakfast. Lila eats "daddy cereal" (Raisin Bran) every day. Evie hates it. But, she asks for it every day anyway and then just picks the raisins out and says she's done. I have even tried just giving her raisins. This is not acceptable. This picture is one of many where Evie just stares at Lila. They "play" together now too which is AHMAZING. When I say play I mean Lila tells Evie what to do and Evie does it. I know this will be short lived but I am eating it up while I can!

I'm sure there's more, but I need to go to bed. Evie also likes to wake up before 6 am all chatty and happy!

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