Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm in the running...

...for the post with the most random assortment of pictures.

I feel very behind. I scroll through the videos and pictures on my phone and realize I want it all on here. But if I do that what we end up with is a big fat post of random nonsense. Sound good? Okay, let's get started.

Wait, here are a few things you should know first:

1) We have a new family member. Oddly, he does not have a name yet. First one to name the abnormally large bear gets a big ol' pat on the back!

2) Evie is pretty much walking. Unfortunately, she refuses to do it on command so there is no actual video of the unassisted walking yet. But, I will catch her when she least expects it. She's perfected walking in circles though...


T 3) We have been sick. For forever. No really. Lila and Evie finished a round of antibiotics over the weekend and I honestly feel like they are worse. Evie is destined for tubes but can't be seen at the ENT until the 12th. Seth just has the lingering cold and I'm pretty sure if I cough one more night I might just give up sleeping altogether. Who needs it anyway right? Our family is currently the definition of a hot mess. Don't let the pictures of the weekend fool you. We simply just had to get out of the house.

4) We spent an entire lovely day at Seth's mom's pool with some friends and I didn't take a single picture. Lila spent half the time in the pool and half the time inside watching movies because she would get tired so easily. Maybe it was a bad idea to do the pool all day, but I really feel like she was going stir crazy.

5) It should be noted that I will not be watching Carson next year. I have very mixed emotions about this, but it's the right choice for us right now. It's only fitting that this gigantic picture post start with these three friends that love each other so very much. Enjoy!

Don't tell Katie, but I may steal Carson and take this show on the road...

Mother's Day/ Lila's birthday. I adore this picture. The first time I took Lila to the Children's museum she loved these gears. My little Tinkerbell.

Evie loved the moon sand. She loved trying to sneak a bite of it too (hence the smirk).

She also enjoyed more of the climbing and less of the actual manipulation of the activities.

Introduction of our new family member care of Uncle Levi. Evie was smitten from the minute he entered the room.

Poppy gave Lila her first American Girl Doll...a bitty baby! She came complete with a baby carrier. Lila named her Lucy and then changed it to Lizzie. And now I'm not entirely sure which it really is.

Vivi reading to Lila before bed...

...while Grammy reads to Evie.

The beginning of the sickness.

Being silly

She randomly loves on him and does her mmmmaaaa sound for giving a kiss.

Trying to feel better.

Don't mess with this one!

Nope, not better.

Definitely not better. And no, I did not place the bear on top of her. The girls had gotten a little rough trying to jump on him so he was taking a nap on the couch. She crawled under him to rest as well.

I started a busy bag group!

Making the swap!

I'd say job well done!

Atlanta Botanical Gardens Memorial Day weekend!

Had enough of the walking.

Don't blink! This is Lila in this same spot two years ago (sniff sniff).

Visting our fallen hero.

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