Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Is it too presumptuous to make predictions about what your children will be like 10, 15, even 20 years from now? I would never want to pigeon hole my girls into being this way or that way, but I can't help but speculate just a little. All mothers do it right?

Well, even if they don't I am. I can't help it.  Obviously there's more that I see for Lila than for Evie simply based on age. I wonder if I'm anything like what my mom saw when she looked at her two year old. Does she remember? Mom, feel free to chime in. I think it will be absolutely hysterical to look back with Lila and Evie one day and show them my predictions. And what better place to jot them down than this blog where all three of you that read this know and love them?

Here goes...

Lila will be the girl that always has her nose in a book and her head in the clouds. I don't mean this in an insulting way. She is brilliant you know. She will be that tall blonde walking down the street intently reading something like Gone With the Wind while boys stare at her. She will trip on the sidewalk, stumble, and then never miss a beat. She will have perfected managing her clumsiness unlike her mother. Managing her slight OCD may come later in life, if at all. It's a tough thing to grab hold of. If she isn't a doctor or lawyer or something else that requires an immense amount of brain power, she will be a fashion designer. Every dress will have some shimmer, every skirt will twirl, and she will call them all "so beautiful". If those things don't work out, she will manage others much like her Poppy does. I hope I can teach her to manage the bossiness in a way that gives her the power to teach those who work for her. Again, much like her Poppy does. But then there's the guitar. And the piano. And the dancing. I thank God every day that she has a song in her heart and beat in her head at any given moment.

Evie reminds me more and more of my sister every day. I was 5, almost 6, when Sara was born. I have a horrible memory when it comes to my childhood, but I do remember distinct things about Sara as a baby and toddler. That crooked grin that seemed almost permanent still makes me laugh when I look at pictures. Evie and her two bottom teeth smile reminds me so much of Sara. I plan to create some sort of artwork for Evie's room out of this song lyric:

"She grew up good, she grew up slow. Like American honey. Steady as a preacher, free as a weed. Couldn't wait to get goin' but wasn't quite ready to leave. So innocent, pure, and sweet. American honey."

That's Evie. She's going to be the girl that wants to do it all but can't quite break away from home. At least not quickly. She needs me more than Lila ever did as a baby. Or maybe she just needs me in different ways. Regardless, her need is intense and all consuming sometimes. And yet once the crawling lightbulb goes off she will be all over this house in five minutes. She might look back to throw me that fantastic grin once or twice. She's determined and oh so timid. I see her as a bit of a free spirit. Again, I have visions of Sara.

They're so little so it's really silly to speculate. But kind of fun at the same time. When Evie is Lila's age we will revisit. You know, maybe we will revisit every two years. Hmmm....

Happy hump day ya'll even though it will be over in ten minutes. Someday I will bring back Holla Hump Day. Promise.


  1. I love that you think only 3 people read your blog! I like these speculations and it will be so much fun to see how they turn out.

  2. You have to know that I LOVED reading this! So yes, I'll chime in and I'll try to keep it short. You, my dear firstborn, were destined to be a singer (in my eyes). Music drove you then like it drives you now, and you belted songs like no other(with your pink boom box). I distinctly remember Debbie Gibson and Billy Joel. There's still time?? Lila is you in that aspect ... little Snow White, dressing up and dancing "to the beat." You knew all the words (on the most part), and you LOVED to sing! Sara, on the other hand, was a very different toddler than she is an adult, don't you think? So she was going to be a racecar driver or something extreme like that ... you know, something she could be totally in control of ALL by herself ... skydiver maybe?? She still has that "itch" that sometimes spills over and makes you and me take chances we probably wouldn't have taken on our own.

  3. I love your predictions! I often find myself doing that with my students these days. Did you ever do that? Like the boy who totally faked an asthma attack the other day. I won't be shocked if I see him on the news someday for being a brilliant con artist. Or the little girl with low self-esteem always trying to get the boys' attention. Let's hope she doesn't continue down that path. For Everett, it's so hard to predict at this point. He has taught all of the kids in his class how to unlock the gate and escape, so I think he will be into complicated brain games. He also has no fear and loves to climb on everything (lucky me), so I could see him being into something extreme outside. Or I could be totally off, but it's fun to predict!


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