Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving down South

We spent Thanksgiving at my cousin's/Grandma's for the third year in a row. The actual Thanksgiving meal is at my cousin Laura's house and then we spend the next few nights at Grandma's house. It's so nice to go there consistently for many reasons.

First and foremost, we had the best surprise! Sara came home for Thanksgiving. I know she missed us, but my girls missed her just as much. It was so great to just spend time with her. That is until she got sick! Nothing like getting a stomach bug right after Thanksgiving. But at least we were able to take care of her.

This year Lila and Anna Kate came closer to playing with each other instead of around each other. Anna Kate is exactly a year older than Lila. She is definitely the cooler older cousin with all of the most amazing toys for Lila to play with. In fact, we had to drag Lila out of Anna Kate's room to eat! Lila can typically be pretty good at playing by herself, but the number of times she told me to leave when I went to check on her hit an all time high! She also loved talking to the horse that lives next door. She tried to love the trampoline and tire swing but just wasn't sure.

Evie was one of two new babies this year. My cousin Connor and his wife Lindi had baby Emmye two months after Evie was born. I'm excited to see these two girls grow up around each other too! For now they did a lot of being held by anyone and everyone.

Relaxing at Grandma's is always one of my favorite things to do. We watch movies and simply sit around and talk. I even did a little shopping. NOT black Friday style craziness though. Grandma also enjoyed the Lady Gaga special with us! If you can't tell from these pictures, my latest obsession is instagram. LOVE IT.

I'm sure I also posted about this last year, but Grandma's street is a winter wonderland extravaganza. And would you believe Santa has a home (we'll call it his summer home) just a few houses down from Grandma? I was unsure of Lila's first encounter with Santa this year. Recently she has been pretty clingy with me and not so excited about strangers. I thought it might be a struggle to get her to even go near him. But, as she often does, she proved me wrong. He did such a good job of making her feel comfortable. I'm sure the candy canes helped too. It was Evie though that really surprised me. She seriously sat and stared at him for a very long time. No crying or panic set in. Just simple awe. It was priceless. And wouldn't you know our big fancy camera went dead within seconds of the girls being on his lap! So we got some pretty awful phone pictures.

This would be her face as she passes all of the extravaganza.

Going out of town always wipes everyone out. With little ones it can be hard to know who will sleep where, when, and for how long. In spite of the rocky road we have been on the past seven months in the sleeping department, the girls did really well. Lila didn't get any naps in, but she made up for it on the way home...

Needless to say, I am thrilled about this holiday season. Lila can identify Santa! She can understand so much and sees magic in everything at this perfect little age. Soon I will begin to attempt to continue the traditions I started last year while adding some along the way. Let's just hope you hear from me again before Christmas has come and gone ;-)

I hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving as well. Thank you for tolerating my overly sappy and indulgent Thanksgiving posts. 

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