Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful post number two

Today's thankful post is for my family...

I am thankful for my dreamboat husband every single day. Sometimes every single hour. We are truly partners in the land of parenthood. Not a lot of women can say that. That alone makes me uber thankful for him. But beyond that I really feel like he makes me a better person. I get in a tizzy quite a lot if you can believe that. I can be slightly unstable. He knows exactly what to do. This may be to ignore it and let it pass or to come home immediately and let me take a breather. There is no bigger blessing in life than to find someone that compliments you and loves you in every way. What's terribly unfortunate is that I have no current pictures of just Seth and I. That will have to be resolved this weekend during Thanksgiving when there will be gobs of other people to hold our children.

I am thankful for baby Burrow #1. The little princess (and I mean that in the best possible way) that Lila has become keeps me on my toes and in fits of giggles. The other day she woke up and immediately told me she needed her Tinkerbell pajamas on instead. This was a school day so I told her she had to put clothes on instead of pajamas. So then she insisted on wearing a dress. We put a dress on her, got a coat on, and two hours later were out the door :-) In the car on the way to school she started screaming telling me that she needed to take her coat off. I kept asking her why and she finally said, "because you can't see my dress!!!!". Since that day she will only wear dresses. I don't spend a lot on clothes for my kids, but I definitely didn't buy only dresses for winter. Today I told her they were all dirty. She matter of factly said, "Brandon can bring some new ones". Kids are so funny. I'm sure Brandon would love nothing more than to spend his time buying dresses. Lila spends a great deal of time in her "dress ups" and loves to pretend. She makes a really great doctor, musician, and cook. She's also an amazing big sister and recently she is trying so much harder to be a good big sister to Carson too. I just love the little girl she is becoming even though I miss the baby she was with every fiber of my being.

I am so very thankful for baby Burrow #2 as well. Evie is like a happy little bundle of smiles and laughter. I feel like I am constantly trying to make her smile (it's not very hard) because it just makes me so happy. As I've mentioned before I wake to her overwhelming happiness and there just is no better way to start your day. Lila has recently figured out the best ways to make her giggle too. And, of course, big sister gets the best, most adoring laughs out of baby Evie. Carson is a close second to Lila. Daddy gets the brightest smiles though. When he gets home she will lean and wiggle and squirm to get him to look at her. And when he does her ear to ear grin is intoxicating. Some might say she gets all of this from me. I tend to overlaugh about everything and I can get very smiley at the drop of a hat. Regardless, of where it comes from there is nothing better than baby laughter...especially from my baby :-)

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