Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For your viewing pleasure...

Two things...

1) I am only showing you the following picture because I laughed so hard at it that I figured I should share the good belly laugh. Lila decided to go to sleep last night around 10:30. Maybe even 11. Needless to say, she ended up in bed with us at around, oh, sometime. Anyway, when I woke up this morning I only saw the awesome Lila half of this sleeping situation at which time I looked at Seth, said "look", pointed, and giggled. He giggled too but it wasn't what I was expecting. He just kind of quickly got up after his laugh and went to work. Fast forward to now. I went to do my glamorous second job for forever basically and he tossed me his phone to look at pictures he had taken of the girls. I landed on this one and busted out laughing. He then tells me how he had already had a good laugh at my expense when I pointed out Lila's awesomeness this morning. Anyway, you can thank me via comments. If you didn't bust out laughing at this picture something is seriously wrong with you.

2) In an attempt to make you even happier today, here is what my day was like. Good times!!!


  1. those giggles are adorable! love the picture too! like mother like daughter!!

  2. I just watched that video on repeat 10 times! I LOVE this post.

  3. Hilarious!!! Good job Seth at snapping that picture!
    I love the video. Evie's laugh is great and I love how sisters love each other, even at such a young age!
    Love you!


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