Monday, September 26, 2011

Week in review (or lots of random things in review)

Now that school is in full swing for Lila I have to admit I really look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays. She LOVES school. She gets a little apprehensive on the way there, but she is so happy when I pick her up. She's the perfect mix of exhausted, chatty, and feeling like a big girl. I wish I could say I got all weepy and overwhelmed with her beginning school. I didn't though. I think we were both so ready for this that it was an incredibly easy transition. Being a SAHM lends itself to endless benefits. However, one drawback is an over abundance of time with the same person (people) all the time. Everyone needs a break...even mommies and babies.

Speaking of babies, Evie and I REALLY need that time too. The evil reflux coupled with the big sister gave Evie very little hang out with mommy time. If you don't know, when a baby has reflux (or colic, or anything that is constantly causing irritation to the baby) you don't really feel like you get to do the normal baby things. Every moment spent with her was trying to make her feel better, cleaning her up after yet another barf-fest, or trying to get her to stay asleep for more than five minutes. It's exhausting for everyone. The notion of quality time gets put to the side inadvertently. But now that Evie is on the upswing this one on one time is priceless. Last week we did a lot of laying around and staring at each other (and Molly). I did that ALL THE TIME with Lila. I soaked in every little bit of her that I could. So I have some catching up to do with Evie...

Again, my phone's photo quality is lacking, but for now it'll do. And sweet Molly...she is a lot of things that make me CRAZY on a daily basis. But, we couldn't have asked for a better dog for our kids to grow up with. She is so good with them. Evie has recently really started to pay attention to Molly and it's the cutest thing. Other new things in Evie's world...she is rolling front to back and back to front. However, she doesn't love the tummy time. So the little booger that she is takes her new found rolling skills and throws herself onto her back when I put her on her tummy. That is if there isn't something to stare at like Molly. She is also grabbing everything. Mostly my hair, Lila's hair, and articles of clothing. And, like her sister, she has a serious set of lungs. She has regularly been "talking" in a screaming manner for a while. Her actual crying/screaming is somewhat excruciating. I mean hurts your ears it's so intense. It seems the teenage years around her could get ugly...

In the land of Lila things are so entertaining. Her imagination is starting to run wild and I just love it. She talks to me like a little adult. The effort to be so big and yet the littleness of being two leads to some very cute and endearing conversations. She says thank you but also says you're welcome right after. She has pronouns all mixed up. For instance this is my current Facebook status:

I told Lila to look at Seth tonight and say "Daddy, you're so cute". She looked at him and proudly said, 
"Daddy, I'm so cute!". Man I love that kid.

Lila also spends 75% of her life these days in a tutu. She replaced the pajamas with the "dress ups" as she calls them. But, if I can get her out of the dress ups it's only to then put on the pajamas. Or be naked. She and I are trying to come to a happy place. There were a few weeks there where I thought we were going to make each other crazy. I love her more than life itself, but she's a smart cookie. She knows how to push my buttons and she stomps all over them some days. Nothing has ever taught me the kind of patience this little girl is teaching me. Well, I should say US. Seth messaged this picture when I was at my super glamorous second job one night letting me know that Lila was grumpy:

Needless to say she keeps us on our toes. I have to assume that life would be insanely boring if she didn't!

This past weekend was filled with family. Most of my mom's family came into town to go see Wicked and celebrate Grandma's 80th birthday. I, yet again, did not bring my camera. Aunt Gail, if you are reading this my blog desperately needs the pictures you took! Until then, here are the horrible attempts I did make at taking two pictures...

Look closely at Evie's she's so happy!!! Seriously, what are we going to do when Sara leaves us???

Lila decided Seth did not really want his Zaxby's.

We had the best time with everyone! It's not too often that they all come up here so it was a real treat for us. 

Just a quick side note...this Friday is our five year anniversary! We are going on a date and I am BEYOND excited. I love you Sethy Poo! I can't wait to continue this crazy ride with you for many, many years to come ;-)


  1. Five years?! Seriously! Congratulations Jana and Seth! That is awesome and inspiring. I can't wait to around congratulating you on 10 years, 15 years and beyond! Love you! :)

  2. Oh I completely forgot we share the same anniversary! Happy Anniversary! We are celebrating number 11!

  3. Those pictures of Evie are so stinking cute!!!!!! Congrats on five years!!!


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