Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Heard of it? If you haven't don't look it up now. It's a deep, black hole that will suck you in the minute you take a peek. Think Facebook meets Google Images meets regular old computer bookmarking. It's brilliant.

Anyway, the downfall of Pinterest is somewhat of a user error. It's so easy to pin and pin and pin and never do. It's so easy to be visually intoxicated by all of the recipes, DIY ideas, event planning, and home decor without ever leaving your couch to implement any of it.

I refuse to let the only downfall get me down folks! Seth can make fun of me all he wants for getting sucked in but I will prevail! My house will be cuter. My kid will have more to do. I WILL make all of the crap I have pinned...someday. For right now I'm just getting started.

So here's my plan. You know that other little blog I started pre baby Evie? The one about decorating and such. Well, I've been doing the decorating part slowly but surely. I just haven't been doing the blogging part. I'm sure you are shocked. Rest assured there is a mammoth post coming to it soon. That is where you will see much of my pinning inspiration come to life. Here I plan to take the other stuff and showcase my efforts. If you read a lot of blogs you are right in judging my big old jump onto the "weekly pin comes to life" bandwagon. I am not above following the crowd.

I am going to say that this will be weekly even though there's a good chance it won't. But I really, really want it to be. I want to bring back Holla Hump Day too (which oddly enough would be today). Baby steps people. One giant step in adding something new does not mean I am going to just up and be on top of things completely.

Anyway, this may seem small and silly. You may be thinking this first pin in action was so easy to do it isn't even worth posting about. To you I say take a look at the pictures and when the big grin on your face emerges you will know it was a perfect start....


pin in action:
* Please note that this is the perfect image of my world. Baby doll hating life in the background, messy hair in everyone's face, and tutus. We do what we can.

You would have thought I gave Lila the most expensive and amazing toy ever. She kept saying she was making a porcupine. 

Carson decided the colander just went really well with her outfit :-)

In an effort to bring back Holla Hump Day I think "Look what I pinned did!" will from here forward be on Fridays. But not this Friday. Unless I am unusually on top of things :-)

Happy pinning!


  1. this post would make me smile even more if i knew you were also wearing a tutu!

  2. Pinterest is taking over my life. I have a serious addiction that will probably require some sort of therapy. I am completely obsessed! I'm with you Jana - it's so easy to just pin and pin and never do anything you pinned! haha Let's have a craft day!!!

  3. Oh I know exactly what you mean! Pinterest is just so addicting. But what isn't more fun? :) What a great idea though! I'll have to try it with my kiddos for some cheap entertainment. See you on Pinterest! :)


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