Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The in betweens

In between getting out of my bed and going to get her I hear her say "mommy where are you?".

In between changing her diaper and making breakfast she hugs me and says "kiss?".

In between doing the ABC's puzzle and arranging the ABC blocks she sings her ABC's when she thinks I'm not listening...and then giggles when she hears me sing along.

In between getting a call from Sara and making a call to Seth she babbles loudly into a calculator then holds it up and says "it's Sara!" and continues her "conversation".

In between leaving for the store and coming home from the store she identifies every article of clothing she is wearing, every body part she knows of on her body, and more of the same on her baby doll.

In between lunch and nap she takes every book from the nursery into her tent in her new big girl room and reads them to herself while I sit on her new big girl bed fighting back the tears.

In between nap and playdate she cuddles in my lap with her blanket and her baby doll while wearing rain boots and Mardi Gras beads.

In between playdate and dinner she wanders the house saying "daddy, where are you?". When she finds him and he lays on her big girl bed she climbs up and lays down next to him an inch from his face with her arm around his neck.

In between dinner and bedtime I am not home yet all I can think about are the in betweens that made my day.


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  2. You are an amazing mom! I love you!

  3. aww Jana. You made me cry...almost. I'm at work so I didn't cry, but I almost did.

  4. Okay. I'm crying like a child as I read this, Jana. I so remember the in-between times with you and Sara. I so remember.


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