Friday, March 18, 2011

She's so.....

1) multitasking maniac

2) likes to dance and the corner....usually when no one is watching

3) graceful?

This week began a breakthrough. It can be amazingly strange to witness your child becoming more aware of pretty much everything right before your eyes. I don't really know how to describe it or really even explain. It's something as simple as me saying "it's Carson's turn" and she actually waits. Or something as brilliant as walking down the street with her willingly and lovingly holding my hand instead of trying to break free and bolt.

As those of you who read my ramblings know, it's been a tough couple of weeks between Lila and I. So many things factored in. Looking back I can 100% say I was the one that needed to get my act together. It can be so refreshing (and humbling) to then see the results of my efforts. I'm not saying there are no tantrums. I'm just saying we understand each other more...and it feels magnificent.

She's not just like me in the silly ways viewable above. She's like me so much that we are going to spend a lot of our lives learning how to navigate our relationship. One day she is going to have the same revelation I have recently had about her. She is going to wake up and see me in a lot of what she does. And when that happens I hope she's proud.

PS - Sorry for the missing holla hump got away from me this week.


  1. She is so "you" when in the middle of her "conversation" she says "um...."! That made me laugh out loud! And she is so you when she is busting a move! I love it!

  2. I really like her talking on the phone--too cute!


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