Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pleasantly Surprised

This was one of those days that I think stay at home moms dream about. Everyone loves each other and everything is easy and dreamy and happy. There's lots of learning, lunches are eaten with glee, naps are long, and dogs don't lick children to death. At least in my world that is how one of those days would go...and go it did.

I don't even know how to put it into words. Let me start by saying that I did not get to shower before Carson came this morning. In fact, I did not go to sleep until almost 3 am. Coughing combined with the disastrous decision to have caffeine late in the evening kept me wide eyed and Baby Burrow restless. Therefore, I chose to skip the shower and sleep as late as I could (sorry Katie and Brandon). Due to my lack of sleep I expected it to be a frustrating day. Not because of the girls, but just because of me. I love how you may expect the worst only to be pleasantly surprised.

Lila and Carson's relationship up to this point has been typical. Carson stays away from Lila usually because Lila takes toys from her and is generally much louder and crazier than her. Lila "talks" to Carson and talks about Carson like she can't live without her. However, as mentioned, when Carson is here Lila is less than friendly. We have practiced and discussed this to death. All day long I am saying "Lila, please be nice" or "Lila do not take" or some variation along those lines. If Lila takes something I move her completely because distracting her no longer works.

Carson was not here for two weeks due to Christmas break. She came on Tuesday and things were a little rocky for Carson getting back into the swing of things whereas Lila was sluggish and sick. There was minimal interaction really. Imagine my surprise today when it seemed like I was with two completely different children.

Let's start with Carson. She was a lot more interactive with Lila than she ever has been. She was constantly touching Lila's hair, trying to tickle her, and following her around. She would stare at her and watch her every move. Sometimes she would even copy what Lila was doing. At one point she full on hugged Lila and twice she put her on Lila's back and just rested there. I felt like I could have taken a video of the whole day.

Lila only took a toy once or twice the entire day. And, when she did she gave it back. She let Carson "help" with whatever she was doing instead of trying to shove her away (see videos). She tickled Carson  and just laughed like they had always been ok with getting in each other's personal space. When we would go from one room to another she would walk slowly and put her hand behind Carson's back if she fell behind.

I'm not making this stuff up. ALL DAY I watched and took in what happens when two little girls suddenly realize they are friends.

My videos will not do this day justice. In fact, the first one is so poorly taken that I hesitated to even use it. I apparently thought it was centered when it totally was not. But if you listen closely Lila says some cute things and Carson is just oozing adorable. Really, none of these videos show you what I'm talking about. Cross your fingers that today was not a fluke and that Tuesday will be another day for me to take more videos :-)  The last one is a WAY overdue video of Lila's obsession with the "puppy" phone app mentioned a while ago.  Have a great weekend everyone!

This one is pretty long, but I love it.

A little more of the same...better angle...

Some singing...

...and a little dancing too!

Lastly, the overdue puppy app video.

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  1. I love that they love each other! What precious little ladies :)


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