Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holla Hump Day

This week's shout outs go to....

...Julie from Etsy Stalkers for commenting on my blog! I don't think people realize how exciting getting a comment really is for me. It was super exciting to hear from someone new. Not to take away from my regulars (love you guys) but I know how commenting goes. I want to hear what you think, but I don't usually comment on the blogs I read. So thank you Julie for reading and for commenting!

...Sarah from Party of Five and Katie from Bean Blog for basically the same thing! They were the first two to comment on my new blog, Desperately Seeking Decor, which I am SUPER excited about. Thanks for the support ladies!

...the Bateman family (as in Elizabeth, Brant, Audrey, and Olivia) for giving us the most fantastic swing set. They have given us a zillion other things that I have mentioned now and then as well. My uncle Brant actually built this wooden swing set from scratch and I know Olivia and Audrey have loved every minute of having it. They have paid it forward to us and I simply can't wait for the weather to get better so we can enjoy this fantastic gift!

...Seth and Levi for moving anything and everything for me last week. This stage of pregnancy is hard for me. I'm a "get it done" kind of person. When I say that I mean that it grates on my last nerve if something isn't done that, in my head, should be. I wanted furniture moved around in my house and the above mentioned swing set to be picked up from across town. Seth and Levi did all of this for me and now I can really get to work on getting the things done that I can do around here.

Happy hump day!

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  1. YAY- I'm glad Julie commented on your blog! I love hers too. :)
    I need to check out your Desperately Seeking Decor blog, I'm intrigued!


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