Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My day

You know how I wrote that post a few weeks ago about the glorious day I had? Apparently, the universe decided I needed a little humbling. I mean, I realize we had a snow WEEK and all, but Lila completely forgot how to be around Carson.

Let's back up. Yesterday was the start of what I'm assuming is pregnancy symptom number 843...heat rash. Yes, I have a heat rash after a week of being iced in my house. I had my glucose test today and the midwife said it's very normal and yadda yadda. It looks very similar to the heat rash I tend to get in the summer after being in the sun too long. Only this time I am gigantic, not in a bathing suit (THANK GOD), and not enjoying the actual benefits of summer. No, this time I am in my house with a toddler that hates everyone today and another one that is probably thinking her parents are abusing her by making her hang out with the crazy one.

I should say I feel very lucky and fortunate to have a pretty mild tempered and easy going kid. I think that's why days like today hit me so hard. When she starts acting her age by throwing fits and going crazy over nothing I feel like a deer in headlights. Seth came home while I went to my appointment and I felt it only fair to tell him that our child was not our child today. If you can imagine, he looked really excited to be staying for the lunch portion of the day.

So I go to the doctor all whiny and itchy, get my blood drawn, and come home. Seth said the girls wanted nothing to do with him. They just played and he said he was just quietly hanging out. Hmmm...maybe Lila is just out to get me. But, now they are napping and I am still itching (hydrocortisone only works for so long).

Since I am halfway through two books right now anyway I'm thinking I will throw in another one on how to teach an almost two year old how to share...any suggestions?

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  1. Not a fun day...by the way, which two books are you reading??? Just curious! Hope they wake up HAPPY and refreshed.


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