Sunday, January 16, 2011

A rose by any other name...

Naming a child has been shockingly hard for me/us. I mean, I'm as indecisive as they come. BUT, I have known mommyhood was meant for me since I was very young. You would think my favorite baby names would be engrained in my brain. I did collect a few favorites along the way, but somehow none of them stuck.  Time brings roses.

Being that we do not find out the sex of each baby Burrow we have to come up with a boy and a girl name. The boy name has been fairly easy (which leads us to believe we are having a girl). When I was pregnant with Lila it was either Owen or Holden. Since baby Burrow #1 turned out to be a girl we have officially chosen Holden as the boy name for baby Burrow #2. The girl name has completely eluded us. Lila had no name until we were in the hospital. This time we would like to take time to smell the roses.

During the last few weeks, we have kept a running list of "possibilities", but this list seems to be growing longer with each passing day.  It seems that every rose (name) has its thorns.  During a recent car ride/negotiation on baby name, Seth formulated a method to determine the elusive female name for baby Burrow #2.

During the remaining weeks/months til the birth of our next child, we will be broadcasting a weekly rose ceremony to narrow the list of names on Sunday evenings.  A few weeks prior to #2's grand entrance, we will have a final rose ceremony, that will determine the name of our possible, yet probable, littlest lady.

Here is the list that you will see once a week with a name crossed off. Seth and I will take turns removing a name...don't get too attached (but if you do, feel free to comment :-). Just be careful when you comment because some are family names!

Patty Lou

PS - We are aware that if we have a boy this was all silly and dramatic...ok, so it might be a little silly and dramatic regardless. Don't judge. Happy Monday ya'll!


  1. Here are two ways to help narrow it down.

    1. Open the back door and holler his/her full name as if you were calling for them to come inside.
    2. Call out for Lila and ____ to see if you like the sound of their names together, because you will be endlessly calling out the two names together ;)

    Personally...I love Kate.


  2. Pat has some GREAT advice there.
    Samantha was almost Charlotte and once she was home both Ben and I felt she was more of a Piper but she has since grown into her name.

    Recent names in my life are Evelyn (Evie) which I love, love. And Riley (they call her Ry).

    I really like the entire list except for one but it is an obvious family one so I won't say which.

    And my matter what you name your child they will make the name theirs.

  3. I like Allie, Charlotte/Charlie, Kate, and Claire....4 out of those 5 names are on my baby name list, but since you are the older sibling I guess you have dibs. I think I already told you this, but the kids I used to nanny for were Riley and Aiden and Aiden would always say Riwey and it sounded so cute :)

  4. Ok. Since part of my name is obviously one of the chosen "roses," as well as part of someone in Seth's family who is near and dear to me, I'm pretty sure I speak for both of us by saying do NOT do that to "our" child. Sorry! But I HAD to put in my "thorn's" worth here. Strike #1 is clear. And you KNOW I'll be watching!

  5. I love Claire. Simple, classic, but not too common. I have only known one Claire irl.


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