Monday, November 22, 2010

Visions of sugar plums are stomping on my brain

It could be the season. It could be the pregnancy. It could be the Williams-Sonoma catalogue I got today that is basically throwing ebelskivers at me. Don't know what ebelskivers are? Yea, it took me a minute to sort it out as well. And it only took that one minute for me to want the forty dollar pan that makes said ebelskivers (by the way, they are "puffy Danish filled pancakes"). Add in the peppermint bark (I don't even like peppermint), the cookies, the hot chocolate with gigantic marshmallows, and the "handcrafted toffee" and I feel an insane need to make ALL OF IT. I can't even say that I want to make these things to eat them myself. I just have this massive urge to bake and make items of the sweetest persuasion. Especially the items in this catalogue. Do I make them, hope they turn out, and give them away? Do I make one thing and hope I don't eat it all? Regardless of what I choose to do, if you get a big 'ol batch of something yummy from me for no reason just say thanks and hope it doesn't totally suck.


  1. Ha! It must be something in the air. I just made 3 gallons of Kahlua for Christmas gifts.

  2. I'll take a big ole batch of whatever you would like to make me! Just send it on with Seth to work- we have NO problems eating sweet stuff here! ;)

  3. I am the same exact way! Once the Christmas music starts playing on the radio, and the holiday issues of Southern Living or Family Fun magazines start flooding in, I can't help but feel the creativity in the kitchen! Poor friends and family that have to put up with our ambitions ;-)


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