Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holla Hump Day/Day before Thanksgiving thankfulness

We leave early in the morning to head south so holla hump day is also going to be consumed by my Thanksgiving cheer. First things first...shout outs go to....

...Krisitin for giving me the lowdown on probiotics after our pediatrician suggested we give them to Lila and I didn't ask a single question. I have a really bad habit of thinking of things I want to say or ask way after the fact. I even went and bought the probiotics before I realized I had no clue what they were. Kristin called me back immediately and shared some insight. I remembered her randomly talking about taking them at some point and she was a huge help!

...Seth. It's always been interesting to me since I became a mom the very odd question I have gotten from so many other moms. "Do you feel comfortable leaving Lila with Seth?". I'm sure I always give some weird look when asked this. I can understand that there may be some men that don't feel as comfortable with a baby/toddler as they may with an older child. I guess when Lila was born I either didn't even consider that being an option or Seth just stepped up early on and it never dawned on me not to leave her with him. I mean, I have to have time off. Especially being SAHM. It's just a necessity. Saturday I had a hair appointment that turned into a day of shopping with a hair appointment thrown in. It was GLORIOUS. Lila has gotten to the point where shopping is difficult sometimes and I always feel rushed. I was able to get a few Christmas gifts and also stop at my aunt's house to pick up some goodies. Thank you Seth for an entire day of getting things done! aunt Elizabeth and cousins Olivia and Audrey. They have been holding onto toys and such for Lila for months. They had a yard sale a while back and kept things for us to give to Lila. It has perfectly worked out that we can give some of the items to her for Christmas. The girls are growing up so fast, but I could tell they loved showing me their old stuff and reminiscing. They have given us so much already as well. I feel so blessed to have an aunt that is incredibly organized and thoughtful!

Being thankful, of course, should be a daily occurrence right? In some ways it is for me. I find myself constantly aware of how lucky I am and I try to make a point to really acknowledge that as much as possible. So, instead of running down all of the things I am thankful for today I am going to do a quick list of things I struggle to remember to be thankful for even though I REALLY should (holy run on). Here we go:

1) My super glamorous part-time cleaning job. This job single handedly makes it possible for me to stay home with my daughter. While I loathe it a lot of the time, I really do appreciate how lucky we are to have this income.

2) Molly. I do love our dog. I really do. BUT, I struggle a lot with her. She kind of makes me crazy. However, she makes Lila happier than any toy, friend, or relative ever will. Lila belly laughs at Molly when I can't even get her to crack a smile. They are best friends, and I do not appreciate that nearly as much as I should.

3) Our house. Seth and I both complain about our house too much. Too many things need fixing. There isn't enough storage space. Our hall bathroom looks like a jungle. At the end of the day, I need to remember that many people don't have homes. Many people live in very small spaces with bigger families that ours.

Alright boys and girls...from my family to your family...we are very thankful for you. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with lots of family and good food!

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