Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving down South

A big thank you is due to my cousin Laura's family for hosting Thanksgiving again this year at their fantastic home in Americus. All I did was make cupcakes. Seth made cranberries. Other than that, we showed up and ate and played. Laura's little girl, Anna Kate, has all of the toys that Lila wants for Christmas. I know she wants them because she played with them instead of eating. Anna Kate is almost exactly a year older than Lila. She hands down her clothes and generously lets Lila play with all of her stuff. They don't interact much yet, but you can tell that they are very interested in each other. Aside from the toys, the house and surrounding acreage makes for a great time had by all...
Mom, Lila, and Anna Kate being pushed on the gigantic tire swing by my cousin Shelly.

Seth now claiming that he needs a tire swing.

Tyler, Laura's oldest, showing Sara around the place.

Some of the girls (me, Shelly, Anna Kate, mom, Lila (not looking of course), Sara, and Laura).

The girls taking care of the baby cute!

While in Americus we stayed at my grandparent's house as usual. Their street is what you would call a Christmas extravaganza destination. Their neighbors put together a street full of lights, music, blow up characters, and Santa himself. Lila first met Santa last year so it was only fitting that she revisit's a little flashback:

Thanksgiving was relaxing and full of good food and good times with it should be. Here are a few more pictures.  More to come of our Christmas decorations!

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