Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holla Hump Day

SIDE NOTE - something happened to my blog signature. There's no telling if I made it go away or if it went away on it's own. I will find it...just not today.

SIDE NOTE #2 - I realize it's late Tuesday night. Just pat me on the back for being on top of things for once and keep reading :-)

Shout outs go to...

...the nurse who takes blood at Peachtree Women's clinic. I am sad to say I do not remember her name. When I was pregnant with Lila I truly did not care for the woman that had this position. She would be very pushy and rude while she bruised up my arm. The new nurse (or new to me I guess) was just the nicest, most enjoyable stranger I have met in quite a while. She made me want to make her cookies or something and bring them to her in three weeks when I go back. I just need to find out her name!

...B98.5 for playing Christmas music non-stop from Thanksgiving until Christmas. Thanks to them Lila has discovered the joy of Mariah Carey at Christmas and has been busting a move accordingly. Videos coming soon.

...the two men who spent an inordinate amount of time at my house trying to make the furnace not sound like it might take flight. Lila is officially sleeping through the night again due to the lack of pounding on the floor of her room.

...my sister for being the only person I will be buying Christmas gifts for that gave me an extensive list of what she would like. Everyone else is getting stuff I am just assuming they might want. You can find some really great stuff when you search "unique gifts" on the internet...

...Snapfish.com. This would be the ONLY website I bought something from on "Cyber Monday". I only bought from them because they actually had a fantastic deal...other websites were just pretending they had deals and I did not fall for it.

...Seth. Just because he works really hard and I don't tell him enough how much I appreciate that.

Alright, I just spent four hours amongst the least capable drivers in America in the rain. Sorry if this post is a little bit of a train wreck. Holla!

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