Sunday, November 21, 2010

Traditionally traditional

I love getting my hair done. For me, it's like getting a massage or taking a big fat nap. I have been going to Tina since I was fifteen. That's right...half my life. I used to work at the salon/store called Beauty Is... back in the day when Tina turned my bad blonde die job into something that I could go to school with and not cry. I was in denial that my hair was turning (actually had turned) brown and I attempted to do something about it. That something gave me orange hair. These days going to see Tina is also about denial...specifically, covering up the gray. But now I am an adult and Tina means more to me than just a rescue from bad hair. She relaxes me, shares baby stories with me, and genuinely has the best conversation skills of anyone I have ever met.

That being said, we had a conversation about Christmas traditions at my appointment on Saturday, and it really got me thinking about what I want my traditions to be with my fantastic little family that is growing by the minute. I think when you have little ones you start to think back about what you loved about your childhood. Christmas is by far the time of year I remember from my childhood that had the longest lasting, most important memories. Starting with decorations and ending with Santa, it truly was the happiest time of the year.

Tina has a little boy that just turned one and a stepson that I believe is somewhere around the age of eleven. She began telling me about another client she has that had given her many ideas of traditions she could start with her family. She then shared them with me. I then found a few things on the internet and I am slowly compiling what I want our family traditions to become.

SO, my question to you is, what holiday traditions do you have with your family? These could either be from your childhood or traditions you have started/plan to start with your family. I can't promise I won't steal one or two so don't share if you want it to be a secret. Here are a few I'm thinking about:

- little mitten "advent" calendar with treats for each day in each mitten (stolen from Kelle Hampton's blog)
- Christmas themed book to be opened and read on Christmas Eve (per Tina)
- Christmas pajamas to be opened and worn on Christmas Eve (per Tina)
- A new game to be opened and played on Christmas Eve (per Tina)
- Each family member gets a new ornament each year (already doing this one)
- Fabulous breakfast for Christmas morning (per Tina)

Please share (comment)!!!


  1. We have a few Christmas Traditions. First, on Christmas Eve we were always allowed to pick one present to open that night. We always used to pick the largest one, which my parents always seemed to know we would and cleverly disquised something really small and silly in a HUGE box! :) We also do the pickle ornament tradition which has become a favorite in our house. Each Christmas morning after all the presents have been opened- my mom or dad hides this TINY pickle ornament on the tree. The- the "kids" (Mitch, Corey and I) get to scour the tree to find the pickle. Whoever finds it first gets an extra present! Mitch has won two years running and I fully intend to WIN this year!!! :) Thankfully the winner is usually gracious about sharing the gift. It's usually some kind of candy or similar treat.
    Lastly- Corey and I have started a new tradition and that's Christmas Crackers or Poppers. This is an old English tradition. Everyone gets a popper and you get to pull them apart. Inside are paper crowns, usually a joke or fortune and a small toy. I love it and think it's really fun and we intend to carry this on when we have kids. Here's an example of what they look like:||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-

  2. You obviously know my traditions, although I've slacked off a bit since I've become an empty nester! Decorate like crazy, light up the house inside and out ... a REAL tree (until last year) ... stockings ALWAYS (which I still do) ... and you've GOTTA have Christmas music playing on Christmas morning. Be Santa for as long as you possibly can. When Sara stays here on Christmas Eve, I still wait for her to go to bed before I put her gifts under the tree. That's probably more for me than for her! And go ahead NOW and find an ornament collection to start for your child(ren). You have a lot to do now! Better get busy. I love you.

  3. I love traditions!! We always leave cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve, even when Kathryn was a baby and didn't know what she was doing :) And we always go to church on Christmas Eve. And something that we've started doing as the kids have gotten a little older is to surprise them one night after they're bathed and ready for bed and tell them to go get in the car and we drive around, listening to Christmas music and look at all the Christmas lights.

  4. We always opened one present on Christmas Eve as well. My dad reads The Night Before Christmas and the Christmas story from the Bible. Also, my mom would light one bayberry candle for each person in the house/family on Christmas Eve and let them burn all the way down overnight. It's supposed to bring good fortune through the next year. Brandon always got one ornament each year, and when he moved out & had his own tree, he had plenty of ornaments to start. We're doing that for Carson and her cousins too. Fun reminiscing!

  5. We had an advent calendar that we pulled a piece of candy from every night after dinner. I loved that! We also got PJ's to wear on Christmas Eve which kept my PJ assortment fresh. Although I think my mom did that because she wanted us all to match in the pictures on Christmas morning! A tradition that we do at the Teusink's house on Christmas Eve is play the dice game. I can explain it in detail, but everyone buys little gag gifts and wraps them up. Then you take turns rolling the die and getting to open the gifts if you roll a certain number. I look forward to it every year. It's pretty hilarious!


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