Wednesday, August 4, 2010

quick words

So the cutest thing ever might be how my child addresses my dog (Molly):

"ma ee! ma ee go!"

Other "words" she's got going on...

peggy (piggy)
mmm (what cows say)
baaa (what sheep say)

Language is crazy. I try endlessly to get her to say things and then suddenly today she is saying her version of Molly (not a word I intentionally have tried to teach her). Apparently I yell at Molly a little too much these days! I think today I just really wanted Molly to get used to Carson being here again. I let her be around Carson while also trying to not let her lick Carson constantly. It's no wonder Lila figured out how to say it because I am sure I said it eight hundred times today.

So maybe tomorrow I will walk around with my finger on my nose and say nose all I trying too hard?


  1. As long as your finger is ON your nose! Not in it - like some photos I've seen of you before! ;-)

    Keep the posts coming -- they entertain me during the long work day!

  2. this week Ansley came out on the porch with me and shouted "Ma-eee, Ro-raaaa" (Maddie, Lola) in the exact same way I shout for them to come back inside. It was pretty funny. She thought she was pretty cute too because she continued to scream their names all afternoon. :-)


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