Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fastest post ever

Alright kids, day one of taking care of two babies has begun! They are both, astonishingly, asleep. I thought, what can I do before one wakes up? A blog post! Maybe...let's see how far I get.

Ok here is what I've learned since 7:30 am:

- Molly is my biggest ally...most of the time.
- Me sitting on the floor means two babies and a dog in my really, IN MY FACE
- Lila is handling this much better than anticipated. In fact, Carson went to touch (pull) Lila's hair and Lila let her! Not only that, Lila leaned in for more and when Carson was no longer interested Lila got mad. Oh the world of little friends one minute, mad cause she won't pull your hair the next.
- Lila does remember the bottle. The question is, if she actually manages to get a hold of it somehow, what will she do?
- Carson likes to stand. Carson also likes to free fall from standing. She gets this big smile on her face like "here I go!". Of course, I caught her every time. It's just a new world for me to be around a baby with little fear or apprehension. Maybe Carson will teach Lila to be a little more adventurous.
- And finally, I'm ready for baby number two. I mean, I knew I was ready in my head. When I was around my prego friends at the lake I realized that my body is ready too. Now, I am fully aware that every part of me (including my sanity) can do it! I can see where it would be overwhelming. But I also feel like I enjoy the challenge and the added things to do. No, I am not pregnant. I'm just sayin' I'm ready is all.

Wow, I have learned quite a lot in 3 hours. Stay tuned for more random tidbits of knowledge from mommy of one, nanny of another :-)

Wait, are you a nanny if you only watch a child two days a week? Or are you a babysitter? I like nanny. It sounds more important. I'm going with that.


  1. i LOVE all the posts...please keep them coming!

  2. Definately a nanny! :) Thanks for posting so much this week- I'm reading!

  3. I hope your Baby #2 doesn't impact Baby T's pending childcare! :)

  4. Too funny about the hair-pulling! Glad it's going so well so far. They are going to learn so much from each other!


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