Sunday, August 1, 2010

Put your big girl panties on

Ever since I was very little I have had the good fortune of having amazing best friends.  The world of little girls is nothing short of dramatic, hysterical, and completely beautiful.  It would then stand to reason that the world of grown women would be all those things and more. In my world this has been, and hopefully always will be, the case.

I look forward to girls dinner every month. It's on the third Tuesday. If you can come, you come. If you can't, no one holds it against you. The thing is, it bothers me a great deal if I miss it. I have found myself attempting to overcompensate by planning other events where all of my girlfriends can attend so that I get my fill of the drama, the hysterics, and the beauty.

This weekend was girls weekend at the lake and I did indeed get my fill :)

I learned that my feet are freakishly tan, that I take my mom for granted, and that my friends would like for me to update my blog at least once a day (brace yourself for this to come true). But enough about me...

Some of these girls have been in my life for over half of it. Others I have only recently gotten to know. What's interesting is that new or old, you can always learn something about your friends.

I learned that Kim W's family taught her how to play Mexican Train dominoes without teaching her the "real" rules. I say rules are meant to be broken anyway. Since Kim taught me how to play I will forever believe her rules are THE rules.

I learned that Christine's husband thinks she sits around crying when she is away from him for the weekend. Cute? Yes. True? Hardly.

I learned that Molly is able to make witty references and connections between things I never thought possible...such as certain types of parties that involve cookware or other kinds of "wares".

I learned that Kim D can sweetly overlook a friend who has had too much to drink getting a little too preachy. Sorry Kim!

I learned that Meg does not wake up to jazz hands....or does she? I can't remember.

I learned that Paige might be the cutest pregnant person ever. I'm trying really hard not to hate her for that.

I learned that Patty's career in another life should be some sort of game show host. I smell a cooking game show on Patty's horizon? I think I am a genius.

I learned that Katie could start her own line of food products made from breast milk...who's up for some boobie butter?

I learned that Cat is really good at picking baby names. She made it seem so easy and carefree! What's that like?

Did I get everyone? Because Lord knows I wouldn't want anyone getting upset over being mentioned on the blog more or less than others...

I apologize for the inside joke nature of this post. It had to be done. For those who missed girls weekend, don't wheels are turning in regards to more get togethers beyond girls dinner. We did miss you terribly. For those who were there, thank you for indulging a girl who no longer gets out much and kind of makes a fool of herself when she does. I am eternally grateful for the reminder that I am really good at picking my friends.


  1. I love reading an updated post first thing in the morning! It puts the biggest smile on my face and is a great way to start the day. I'm looking forward to a new post DAILY! Love you and yes we are so lucky to have such amazing friends!

  2. thanks for the new post! I had so much fun this weekend, thanks for having us up! :)

  3. That was an amazing weekend with amazing friends! Can't wait for the daily blog updates Jana!

    oh and PS - my word verification to post this comment was "funking"....made me laugh out loud! :-)

  4. You know you are pregnant when you get teary-eyed reading a post about a weekend that just happened!! :) Love you all!

    (Jana, you are the sweetest and made my day!)

  5. I'm so excited we all "made" the blog! :) Funny that after so long, we're still learning about each other, even if it's silly things!

  6. sorry i am a week behind on my blog reading.... blame Kaiser... i loved girls weekend and wish we could do it say the 3rd weekend every 3 months? and no one was too preachy! i love you girls because i know you can be honest and have my best interest in mind... BTW... UPDATE, we have talked (i mean i have asked more unanswered questions) and i think that we may be on the exact same page... which means neither of us know what we really want... besides each other! love you girls.. see you on the 18th!


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