Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Updates and pictures

* I finally sorted out the cloth diapers before we left for the beach. So far it seems I have rid them of the stinkies. In fact, I did actually take them to the beach and use them instead of taking a CD vacation. I am very proud of myself.

* We are currently in the throws of the two nap, one nap tango. I had read that switching from two naps to one could be a process so I was prepared. At the beach she napped twice a day because the sun just took it out of her. She is taking a morning nap right now, but chances are good she won't nap this afternoon and she will be all sorts of cranky for our weekly neighborhood playdate. I even try napping with her sometimes (I mean, it's the least I can do) but she thinks that we are playing a very funny game or something. We end up laughing and playing and not napping. I keep holding out hope that one day she and I will take a glorious three hour nap together...

* School starts next week...I have seen teacher's cars in the Livsey parking lot and every time I do a wave of relief washes over me. However, I will miss that beginning of school rush of activity and excitement. I loved getting my classroom ready and meeting all of the kids for the first time. But, nothing makes me happier than being with Lila all the time. It's such a blessing!

* With school starting next week that means that Carson will again be in our house quite a lot. I will be taking care of her on Mondays and Wednesdays and I am really looking forward to it. Lila and Carson only parallel play right now, but they are pretty intrigued by each other sometimes. Katie mentioned yesterday how cool it will be to see how much they change together from the beginning of the school year to the end. It's so crazy to think that I met Katie when I was 15 and now I'm 30 and taking care of our babies. How cool is that?

* It has come to my attention that I want to do everything myself. I have these insanely ambitious goals of having a bigger and better garden, making my clothes and assorted accessories, selling what actually turns out looking sellable, etc., etc. Unfortunately, many times DIY projects cost as much as just buying things at a store premade. Fabric is so expensive. Unless you upcycle something or you happen to hit the jackpot at Goodwill you are putting in a lot of time AND a lot of money. For now my plan is to post DIY posts when I can about how I found ways to do things on my own and inexpensively.

Alright, here are my favorite pictures from the beach...I took so many pictures but I am just going to post a few here so they don't take over!


  1. Thank god you finally updated! I swear I look at your blog at least twice a day to see if there is anything new. Do you think it would be "cool" to watch a bunch of your friends kids?

  2. I can so relate. I was convinced I could sew my girl's clothes...until I admitted that I struggled to even launder the clothes they already had.

  3. Oh what cute beach pictures! I adore nap time! When we moved to one nap it was always after lunch. That's usually when my energy wears thin. I always laid down with them at least until they went to sleep (and on a good day, me, too!) You'll work it out though! One day at a time:)

  4. I am loving on the pics! She has grown so much!
    I asked for a sewing machine for Mother's Day with the intent to learn so I could make Marlie's outfits. It sits in the dining room collecting dust. foo foo on me


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