Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another fantastic weekend

Recently, Lila and I have been lucky to have Seth home on a couple of weekends for more than a few hours. This weekend, he was with us ALL weekend and it was such a treat! Somewhat last minute we went to the BBQ and Bluegrass Festival in Oakhurst with Vince and Patty. Seth and I decided Oakhurst is where we want to live...when we win the lottery. I am lame and brought my camera but did not take any pictures. In my defense, Lila was running around like a crazy person having the time of her life. Here are a few pictures that Patty took.

I don't think I'm usually the gushing type, but today was such a nice day and I feel so incredibly lucky for my little family and the opportunities we have to spend time together. It started with Seth letting me sleep in. By sleeping in I mean I slept until almost 9!!! Not only did I sleep that late, I woke up to the smell of bacon. Yes, that is how every single person should start every single day. I am positive the world would be a better and happier place.

Anyway, Seth and I had planned to take Lila to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens last weekend only to be abruptly halted due to work related issues. So, we rescheduled it for today. If you haven't been since all of the additions and you loved it before, you will love it even more now. Lila wanted to run all over the place. We tried to let her to some degree. However, as I have mentioned before, she is the sweatiest kid ever. She especially loved the water area of the children's garden. We got an annual pass so if you ever want to go with us let me know! Lila and I will be frequenting the ABG :-) Seth took a zillion pictures so I made my first slideshow instead of putting all of them in a line in one post. Happy Monday ya'll (to those who don't stay up late reading my blog posts).

I'm sorry but, it's really late, I want the video in this post, and you will just have to be ok with it being sideways. Check back again later and maybe I will have sorted it out.

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  1. Love the slide show - esp. the sleep sequence in the car. Lila is so lucky to have a fun mommy like you to take her places!


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