Friday, August 20, 2010

Night and Day

Thus far in their lives Lila and Carson couldn't be more different. It's really astonishing how different one kid can be from the next. There's so much talk about milestones and your baby should do this by this time. I personally see that as a bunch of nonsense. When Lila refused to lift the sippy cup to drink from it a while back, Katie said "it's not like it's a skill she won't ever learn". That really stuck with me. I mean, obviously you want to pay attention to red flags. I'm not saying you should always assume your child will just get there at some point. BUT, I think so many parents get so wrapped up in what is "supposed" to happen by a certain age. I will admit, I have gotten nervous a few times when Lila wasn't doing something I thought she should be doing already. I think that has a lot to do with first baby nerves. You create a lot more stress for yourself if you focus heavily on time frames and rigid expectations.

At any rate, aside from the obvious blonde versus brunette physical differences, here are some examples of how different these ladies can be:

- Carson has been crawling pretty much since birth. Lila is still very much a drunk looking walker.

- Lila will talk to a wall ALL DAY LONG. Carson rarely says much and seems to favor grunting.

- Carson is either a really picky eater or she just likes having the control of deciding when and what to eat. Lila is and always has been a bottomless pit.

- Lila is apprehensive and rarely gets into things if she doesn't already know what they're about. Carson is fearless and curious at all times.

These are just the things I have noticed in the short time I have been watching Carson. I will say that both girls are serious dancers. Turn on some music and everyone is bopping to the beat. I feel the need to yet again credit Sara with this. Carson has actually begun to sing as well which is freaking adorable. Whether they both actually have any rhythm is yet to be seen...

(SIDE NOTE - Katie, if I talk about your child too much let me know :-)

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  1. Definitely not too much! I figure SOMEONE should be blogging about her since I'm so behind!


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