Friday, June 11, 2010


When a person decides to become a SAHM (stay at home mom) they don't take it lightly. I knew what I was giving up/gaining. I don't have many friends that have kids. I would predict that when most of my friends do have kids, very few will be stay at home moms, if any. I can see both sides of working and not working now. I can appreciate both very much.

We took a trip to the Dekalb Farmer's Market today. This is one of my favorite places in Atlanta. I pretty much only shop there now. Usually Lila loves it too. I mean, it's like one big distraction after another. All sorts of people, foods, and sounds are everywhere. I decided we would go and eat lunch there and then shop. Lunch was spectacular. It was like our own little date.

Lately LJ has been boycotting shopping carts. I knew this, but I figured since it was the farmer's market I was safe because how could she possibly get bored?

I was wrong.

She screamed the whole time. Not the crying scream where tears are pouring and such. It was more like the scream you saw in the video in the previous post. The talking scream that pretty much lets everyone know she is there.

If you have never been to this particular farmers market you don't know that it is super loud already. So really, the only person she was probably driving crazy was me.

So instead of taking my time picking out the lovely fruits and veggies, I rushed and got to the checkout just in time for a meltdown. There was a girl who looked about 21 behind me who was so sweetly making faces and talking to LJ which helped for a while. Once that novelty wore off I gave her my keys which she promptly chucked at said sweet 21 year old. I then gave her my phone because typically it mystifies her. That immediately made a crash landing on the ground and the "baby proof" cover I bought for it quickly popped off and flew under the feet of the patrons a few lanes over. Some other important necessary part of the phone went sliding away as well.

At this point I am checking out with the slowest cashier in the joint who has shown no affect whatsoever and has gotten slower instead of faster as the meltdown builds.  I collect the pieces of my phone and look at Lila and rather defiantly say "well, that's all you get then". I proceeded to ignore her whining, finished checking out, and left trying not to catch people giving me the "you're a bad mommy" look.

Lila has been testing the limits the past few days. She knows what she wants and she wants it right then. The major problem I am having is that she and Seth carry this gene that infuriates me. When I want to be really mad and frustrated with them I find myself laughing. My friends will tell you I laugh at everything and they are probably right. But this is different. I am supposed to look stern and have some authority when Lila is attempting to leap off the changing table (or out of my arms as we head to the changing table). And yet, I find myself laughing hard and out loud. And she just looks at me like I have lost my mind. Am I prepared for 24 hour mommyhood?

All I can think is, yes may I have another?  :-)


  1. Why is it when chaos blows up, cashiers slow down? I miss our farmers market. The new community we now live in is a farming community WITHOUT a farmer's market! I sooooo miss it!

    BTW, none of my friends ever thought I'd have children, much less 5 boys - and that I would be a stay at home mom! It's amazing what happens to you after that baby pops into your life!Just wait and watch your friends - then you'll be able to have a great laugh!

  2. I love the DeKalb Farmer's Market! It's the first place I go when I go back for visits.


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