Monday, June 14, 2010


I have cleaned just about everything I can find to clean. That was my plan when summer/full-time SAHM began. I wanted to clean EVERYTHING. I wanted to clean out everything and have less crap in my house and I have done all of that. I mean, there are things I still want to clean, but a person can only handle so much cleaning.

Today was the first day that I looked at Lila and thought, what on earth are we going to do today? That's when I remembered that I just finished my first photography class. Digital 101 is done and while I felt like I learned an insane amount of information, I was sure I didn't really know how to do anything.  I still don't feel confident. BUT, as I was taking an insane amount of pictures I noticed that I was switching modes and fixing lighting and even catching her when she was moving! I was kind of proud of myself. The new header picture is the very first picture that I have seen/taken of LJ that looks almost identical to a picture of me when I was a kid. I find myself seeing more of me in her lately.

That being said, the following pictures are supposedly a major no, no. It isn't supposed to look like the sun is coming out of her head and that's exactly what it looks like. BUT, I love them. I think they are fantastic. And for the first time I truly captured her hair.

Not sure what happened to the lighting but can we say flock of seagulls?

I mean, I don't even know what to say about this one...


I had to give her all of the remote controls, my phone, and a piece of a magazine she had already torn so that she would sit in the light and stay there. She is feeding Molly the magazine...or trying to.

Two more favorites of the day...

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  1. She is so cute I almost can't stand it! I love her hair -- it's so awesome and one day she'll either love or hate all of these pictures!


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