Sunday, June 6, 2010

If you are looking for the middle of nowhere...

....I found it.

It's called Wadley, Georgia.

I'm sure there are many other middles of nowhere out there. I honestly thought I had seen it before. I mean, most of my family is from south Georgia so I drive through a lot of middles of nowhere to see them. BUT, there is a MAJOR difference between driving through and staying for a few days. There is an even bigger major difference in doing this when you have a one year old.

We spent the entire weekend in Wadley/Bartow, Georgia. Seth's cousin Jeanne got married there at a beautiful, old plantation style house in Bartow, and Lila was the flower girl.  As a disclaimer I need to say that the wedding and all events that went with it were beautiful and enjoyable.  The rest, well, wasn't. But more on the wedding in a minute.

Here is my beef with Wadley, Georgia:

1) I'm sure the hotel could have been worse, but the Wadley Inn was less than pleasant. Throw in the fact that I have a child that refuses to walk and is recently refusing to be held and you have hands, knees, feet, and sippy cups all over some SICK carpet.

2) Seth played golf most of Saturday with the guys while Lila and I hung out in and around the Wadley Inn. The closest place to eat was a Waffle King attached to a gas station. Inside the gas station there was a hand written list of about fifteen names of people that were not allowed in the Waffle King or the gas station. They even made the paper that the list was on long enough to add names if need be.  I had easy mac and a fruit cup for lunch.

3) Cops frequently drove up and down the road the hotel was on at all times of day. That should make me feel safe right? Not so much.

4) Grocery stores don't exist here. I asked the photographer at the rehearsal dinner on Friday if there was a store to get some whole milk for Lila. She pointed to a gas station. Seriously? What do Wadleans eat??

Alright, so moving on to the enjoyable part of the weekend. Lila experienced her first taste of what it means to be a woman in this world. Honestly, I thought we had a while before fancy dresses and "sucking it up" to stay pretty would be a part of her life. She totally rocked it though.

The wedding was outside and Lila was pulled down the aisle in a wagon by a junior groomsman whom I think she had a crush on. She withstood the rain that came down quickly right as the ceremony was supposed to start. She didn't cry as we waited for the rain to pass under the photographer's umbrella and then again in the house. She only tried to eat one rose petal and one fake flower off of her dress. She smiled for the camera and looked like a pro as people smiled at her while she was being pulled down the aisle. She danced with her daddy at the reception and partied hard until 10:30 pm which is way past her bedtime. She's like her mom in that she would have kept partying if I hadn't driven us back to our spectacular hotel to crash. She actually fell asleep on me, sat up and danced a little, and fell back asleep on me two seconds later. This is more reminiscent of aunt Meg, but it was her first attempt at partying :-)

Here are a few shots of the weekend. I did not take any of the inn. I figured you could just take my word for it.


  1. Where did you get your dress??? I love the top of it!!! :) Great pictures by the way, she's so cute!

  2. Love the picture of her in the wagon. What a cute idea!!


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