Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Now that I am not working I really am trying to find ways to save money and spend less. I feel like there are things that are definite and things that are left to interpretation. For instance, you have to buy toilet paper. There's no getting around it. There are things I have tried to "get around" buying. I started using cloth diapers. I am trying to use less paper towels and only use actual dish towels. I started a vegetable garden that will (hopefully) yield enough for me to not have to buy a few things for at least a little while.  We are making an effort not to eat out. I am going to the most horrific Walmart in America instead of going to Target (yes, Walmart is cheaper...but I also don't want that much in Walmart). So, as you can see I am seriously trying here.

When our third bout of ants began to attack our kitchen after multiple home remedy attempts, I called pest control. I chose to cancel our quarterly pest control last year. BAD CHOICE. Now they want me to pay $120 for the initial fixing of the ant problem, and then pay $65 every three months for the quarterly service again. I realize I never should have cancelled it. But $120??? Seriously? They are ants for God's sake. It's not like you are ridding my house of actual animals. So I set it up and then called Seth and we decided to see what else we could do to maybe figure it out ourselves.

Since that third bout we are now on instance number six where I kill them and they come back. My weapon of choice is Simple Green cleaner and I just spray them to death. The first time this was pretty liberating. I felt like I was winning. All of the previous times we used some gel stuff that Seth's friend gave us that was supposed to be the end and be all to getting rid of ants. It has never, ever worked completely. Today I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am losing the war. I spray and get frustrated and spray some more. It makes me feel like our house is disgusting.

Everyone says you have to find the source of the ants. Well obviously they come in from outside. I could crawl myself under our house, and maybe I would have a one a million chance of finding THE entrance the ants use. But let's be honest. What would I do then?

$120 is starting to not look like as much money as it did originally....


  1. Ugh... ants last year and it was a 2 month ordeal. If you have the tiny black ones be careful! If you use the wrong bait- they divide the hive and then you get twice the amount. We tried numerous different baits. We ended up using Toro Bait stations, but you have to be patient...they take a while to die out. We found them at Home Depot.
    Also- you can look into our pest control. We use Sovereign/Southern Pest Control we've been happy with them. Not sure how much it is for new service. Good Luck!

  2. HAH- I meant to say we had ants last year!


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