Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Living the life...

....of two overworked parents. That's what we are doing. Seth is obviously way more overworked than I am, but I certainly am not finding a lot of time on my hands. I actually went to my tennis lesson tonight for the first time this season (we only have two matches left). The only reason I went is because we are in first place and I am playing with someone I don't normally play with this weekend.

Unfortunately, I always feel guilty when I go do something during the week without Lila. I feel even more guilty because I know Seth needs to be working. BUT, I almost felt like he wouldn't see her all week so one night of coming home early would have to be ok.

Anyway, these are the things that can happen when both parents work too much (and when they aren't working they want to be hanging out with baby):

- Your yard can start to look like a jungle. We have the nicest looking (and only) jungle on the street. There are really pretty flowers and shrubs that just happen to have about a foot of grass around them.
- Toys can start to appear EVERYWHERE. My feet hit the floor this morning on a jumbo lego. I am amazed I didn't then hit the wall.
- Your poor dog can revert to bad chewing behaviors because you aren't loving on her enough.
- Your child can instantly become covered in dog hair, eat dirt more often, and have stains on her pants from crawling on the dirtiest floor ever.

So, all of this being said, I want to say I'm sorry to our neighbors, our dog, Carson (the Bean's baby that my sister also keeps during the day), and our baby. Thank you for your patience as we try to survive the CRCT and the weeks before pools open. We are aware of the things that need to be done and I promise we are getting there!

*Disclaimer - I realize that I just took time to write this post. I always hate it when I read blogs where the person complains about not having enough time to do something and yet there they sit typing up a storm. In my defense, I am exhausted and the thought of mopping makes me want to barf. This took me five minutes and I did not have to move.


  1. You'll get there Jana! I'm glad you went to tennis and got some time for YOU too. Love you.

  2. don't ever feel guilty for taking time for yourself...a happy mama is a happy baby!

  3. TRUST ME, Carson is used to it! We're in the same CRCT/pool season boat at our house/jungle :) You are not Super Woman (although you come pretty close), and time for you, time for Seth & Lila, and the other things you spend your time doing are much more important than mopping!

  4. LOVE the new photos are the top!!! :)


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