Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear my darling and wonderful daughter...please understand me when I say...

stop.  Seriously, stop. No really, if you keep playing the one for you, one for me game with Molly at mealtime she will not only get fatter, but she will also get greedier.  And nobody likes a begging dog (or a dog that licks the CRAP out of you, but that's just never going to stop). The vet already made us put her on a diet and since she is your best friend and all I am going to need you to STOP FEEDING THE DOG so she can still get around and play with you when you are ten.

up. Hold the bottle/sippy cup UP so that the liquid comes out. Holding it down or laying down to drink is the lazy man's way and we must correct this. Alright, yes. This is my fault one hundred percent. I felt guilty about not breast feeding you for the entire year so I babied you when I fed you. But now I need you to see that mommies make with me here.

wait! Before you shove that piece of dirt in your mouth with lightening speed, wait and let me make sure you won't choke on it! Better yet, can we change this one to stop again? Please stop eating dirt. I feed you. I feed you a lot actually. Granted, you are also feeding Molly. Which further proves my point.

I love you. Like, I really, really, REALLY love you. To the point where I catch myself hardcore staring at you and when you suddenly stare back and smile I seriously feel like I might explode. I hope you know the extent of how much I love you. The thing is, you don't. And you won't until you have a baby one day. I always knew my mom was the best thing that ever happened to me. I always knew that I loved her SO much. I never truly knew how much she loved me until you were born.


  1. The feeding the dog thing drives me CRAAAZZZYYYY! Now, my daughter is obsessed with giving the pooches treats ALL day. (She calls them "sit"s- because the dogs are supposed to "sit" when they get the treats...) Anyway, makes me crazy!! My dogs are getting so so fat too! Not to mention we aren't quite on top of the "walks" as we used to be because of the whole baby situation...

  2. You just gave me chills Jana. You're the best.

  3. My baby girl, Jana. I'm so glad you feel what I felt when I had you and beyond ... the mother's love that nothing else matches or replaces. Yes, Lila will know it too one day, and I pray she'll say it out loud like you have so that YOU can read something similar to what I just read ... so that YOU can know that your love for her has spilled over into her love for hers, and that it was all worth every second you sacrificed for her out of pure, unconditional love, simply because you WANTED to. There is NO love like that of a mother for her child. There is NO love like mine for you. Thank you for taking that into YOUR life and for blessing Lila with you ... and with your time. There will never be anything more precious that you can give her than giving her yourself. I love you so much!


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