Saturday, March 13, 2010

You know you're a mom when....

We are getting closer and closer to the one year mark and I just really cannot believe it.  While the 10 month header pictures are not great quality at all (taken on Seth's cell phone), they are the perfect representation of my child. It can be hard to capture Lila's hair in full effect. A lot of people that don't know me well that either see pictures or see her in person are very quick to give me "pointers" on how to make the hair not look like this. I kind of want to say to them, "how do you know I don't make it look this way?". I don't. (Well, ok. In this particular picture her hair was kind of dirty and Seth may have messed it up a little. BUT, it actually looks pretty close to this on a daily basis). But they don't know that. Furthermore, it is who she is. I am not going to grease her up with lotion or put bows in it just so it won't stick up. We embrace it because it's just too darn cute not to.

Anyway, please add to my little list of silliness here....

You know you're a mom when.... take a rare hour or two to go shopping for yourself and you buy more outfits for your child than you do for yourself. leave the house with no make-up and no attempt at looking decent and you truly don't care (and you are not hungover from some party the night before). find yourself humming the tune or singing the song of a toy or gadget that your child constantly plays with. can suddenly picture older children as babies and it makes you smile (this may be the teacher in me). find yourself appreciating your own mom more than ever. count the hours: sleep (sometimes minutes), time spent with your husband, time spent with your child(ren), time spent doing household nonsense, etc. There are never enough hours. realize that you were so diligent in filling in the baby book until the baby no longer spent most of the day staring at you.
...your child is screaming at some public place and you feel the slow motion effects of being judged. have to make hard decisions in the hopes that one day she will look at you and say she is proud of what you have done for her.


  1. ... you realize you have left the house with spit-up, snot, etc somewhere on you, and you don't miss a beat.

    By the way, I applaud you on Lila's hair. Connor is almost 4 and we still have yet to style his hair. It matches his personality as well.

  2. Ditto on the hair. My Connor often gets called a girl because of his curls (which thoroughly bothers Marc!) but I can't bear to cut them.

  3. Love your blog...just happened to find it clicking next blog. Thanks for making me laugh...I went to the grocery today in sweats, seriously, in sweats, and I didn't even care. I'm the person I made fun of 10 years ago :).


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