Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Her light shines bright

At times in my life I have said I am not pessimistic, I am realistic. Growing up I followed this redhead chick around who basically oozed positivity. People have always been drawn to her because of this. People like Meg are really bright lights that make us not so positive people want to be better. They make you want to find something to jump up and down about every day. Positive thinking has never been a natural thing for me. I feel like I have to really train myself to feel super positive about things. While I have gotten better about this, things get me down easily and I truly envy people who face adversity with a smile.

All of this being said, I have been blessed with a lot of people like Meg in my life. The brightest and most positive one of those people is my aunt. She compliments the nurse who places the IV. She thanks the doctor for his soothing tone. I haven't even seen her yet, but I know that everything that makes her my aunt Linda is fighting to get better in the most positive and graceful manner. If a good attitude could cure cancer she would be the best example of how to make it happen. Every time I even think about her I immediately want to incorporate her outlook on life into my everyday behavior. If it isn't too late for new year's resolutions I would like to add "be more like my aunt" to my list.

If you are the praying type, please keep her on your list of prayers.  This world needs to find a way to hold on really tight to the good ones like Linda.


  1. definitely sending prayers, jana... and i truly believe that a great attitude goes a long way!

  2. Your post make me smile so I decided to subscribe to your blog. I lost my only brother to a blood cancer in 2001. He too was the most amazingly positive and influencial person I've ever known. I'm not the "praying type" but I will remember your aunt in my thoughts.

    P.S. Your kid has the most spactacular hair EVER! My 6 year old tries desperately to get his hair to do that every day!


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