Monday, March 22, 2010

And so it begins...

They always tell you there's a bell curve for everything. Your child either hits milestones at the beginning of the curve (early), right on time, or later in the curve (all the parent hears is late). I think I do a fairly decent job of not letting myself focus too much on things that seem to happen later than I think they should. Lila had no teeth until a month ago and now she has four. Apparently, that's a good thing to be late about.

However, I will fully admit that the lack of effort in the crawling department was beginning to stress me out a little. Of course, everything you read says that some kids never crawl. Well that's fine and all, but I didn't really want my kid to be one of them. And, being that I am a teacher, my coworkers are asking if she is crawling. Some have even said, "well you know there is a correlation between crawling and reading". Yea, I looked that up and it is incredibly inconclusive. BUT, being a new parent means your mind then races with the random nonsense that comes with comments like that. On the other hand, being that she hasn't really seemed to care to go anywhere we haven't made ANY effort to baby proof our house. My cousin gave us an entire box of baby proofing gadgets that her husband apparently researched like crazy. It is sitting in Lila's closet waiting for the day when we actually needed to go through it.That day has come! As you can see from the video, we have an interesting area of bricks in our den that just has a blanket on it. It's oddly shaped and I have no idea how to cover it. These are things we will have to sort out. Like now.



  1. so stinkin cute. And by the way, Babies R Us sells a sticky foam bumper for that brick problem you have going on...

  2. Yay for Lila! That is so cute :) The fireplace bricks always freaked me out too. We never covered them until Connor and surprisingly never had any accidents around them!

  3. YAY Lila!!!!! She's on the move now!

  4. Wonderful! She'll be keeping you guys busy in a whole new way!


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