Sunday, March 7, 2010

A whole bunch of CRAP

That is really an awful title for a post, but it embodies the things I want to cover. Aren't you excited?

My fabulous week of sickness ended with the stomach bug. Just when I had mostly kicked the throat funk I woke up on Thursday and was very excited to be feeling better. I missed work on Monday due to being sick. I should have stayed home Tuesday, and maybe even Wednesday, but I didn't. Getting a sub is more work than just going and suffering through it.

I knew I couldn't miss Thursday because we were going on a field trip. So the stars aligned that I felt better and I was excited about the field trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Unfortunately, it was freezing. But, the kids tried so hard to enjoy it. Well, most of them did anyway. I didn't feel quite right during the field trip but I couldn't place the feeling. Then I ate lunch. Needless to say, the last thirty minutes and the bus ride back were TORTURE. No way was I going to stop a bus full of second graders. I was sitting in the very last seat in the very back of the bus and right before we got to school one of my students got a wicked bloody nose. Enter MY HELL. I did good to get my class into the building before I went into the teacher's lounge. The principal and vice principal were eating lunch and I busted out crying while managing to stammer that I was going to be sick. I promptly did just that (in the bathroom thank God).

I somehow got in my car and drove myself home only to run in the door where Katie and my sister are talking and say how sick I was and get to the bathroom again. Good times. So, I did not go to work on Friday and by the end of Friday I was a new person. Go figure.

Friday night Sara and I decided to watch Food Inc. I know, I know. Who spends 24 hours in the bathroom on and off to then watch a movie about how wrecked the food industry is? Well, as you can see I'm a little behind as usual. This movie came out a while ago. At least I am trying to catch up right?

Maybe you think organic food is a ploy to get you to spend more money. Maybe you look at the "crunchy" or "granola" moms out there and think how silly they are for spending more or taking more time to make foods that don't come out of a box. That was me two or three years ago. Slowly I started reading and paying attention and noticing more and more about the food I eat.

This movie has now put me over the edge. It is scary, overwhelming, disgusting, and disheartening. Here are the three things I took away from it:

1) If this is what the "government run" food industry has become, God help us if the government really does take over healthcare. When I said scary I was first referring to the fact that almost every politician that has a leading role in the FDA and/or USDA also has a leading role in major portions of the meat industry.

2) Farmers don't stand a chance. What started as the backbone of this country has now been degraded and destroyed to a point where it may never recover.

3) Individuals can make a difference. It may not ever change the whole system, but if you watch this movie and you don't at least consider making major changes you are just as much a part of the problem.

I have to find a way to really change many things about what I eat. I frequent the Dekalb Farmer's Market where everything is organic so I have already made steps in that regard. But, other regular grocery store items I often buy are going to have to make an exit from our lives. I am also looking into Co-ops.  More on that coming soon!  Sorry for the insanely long post. Thank you for reading all of it and have a great week!


  1. We have an organic farm behind our house- you should look into it, it's called Gaia Gardens. I'm not sure if they are taking new members or not, but it's worth a shot!

  2. I think you disabled right click on your blog, but that also made it so that no one can copy your button. Try it while you are logged out.


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