Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All things baby part two

First, I want to say that I have been getting some spam comments. Back when only two people read this blog I took the setting off where you have to type some cryptic word to leave a comment because I found it annoying. I want this to be a place where commenting is easy! However, recently I have been getting a random spam comment here and there. They are easy to delete, but just as annoying as the cryptic word thing. Now I just need to go back and figure out how to add the word thing back.

Second, I love that people are commenting on the books and baby stuff! Please keep them coming. I have said this before, but there are a handful of ladies out there who read this blog who don't have kids but will in the future. They are great friends and if they continue to read I want them to see the diversity of parenting styles that are out there. That may be from reading blogs I have listed to the right, reading comments like the ones left on the previous post, or maybe at some point learning something from me. Being a new mom can be very overwhelming and finding your groove and what works for you is one of the most rewarding parts. As you can see, I chose to incorporate parts of the Baby Wise method while others did not. I would love to hear more about how they do things too. That's the other thing about all of these methods and theories and books. They are ENDLESS. The information is ENDLESS. That in and of itself can be too much sometimes. I have said this before too, but I feel it needs repeating. Whatever you choose to do, always know that you are doing a great job. You should never feel like you have to keep up with someone else or do what they do. Every baby/mom/dad/family is so different.

Alright, sorry for the preachy side of me coming out. In the world of parenting I have been so supported and I am eternally grateful for that. I just want to spread the wealth!


  1. You are a doll for typing up all these resources for new parents. My list looks very different from yours, but that's the beauty of parenting...different strokes for different folks.
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