Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter Wonderland/My baby is 9 months old

Yesterday 49 out of the 50 states had snow! (

Georgia was no exception. I had visions of sitting Lila in the snow and taking tons of pictures, but I decided that was a little ambitious. So, we settled for a few quick shots of us in the "blizzard" on the back porch. What a beautiful day it was. It almost makes me wish we lived somewhere where it snows more often...almost. The second shot is my sister, Sara, and Lila. It's a little hazy, but I just love it.

On the day of this winter wonderland, my little baby went to her 9 month well checkup. We went in and the weather was clear and dry. We came out and it was snowing like crazy. We ran through the parking lot in the snow to the car and Lila giggled the whole way. People tell you things go by quickly, but I don't think you really know what that means until you have a baby. She is an everyday visual of just how fast things happen. That makes her the most perfect reminder to slow down and enjoy the good stuff. On my fancy new Mac I will be attempting to create a montage of videos of her before her first birthday (I am copying this idea from my friends Toby and Angie over at All About Babies). Some of the videos I have taken of her seem to not be compatible with the Mac, so wish me luck. At any rate, I have also begun to play around with my fancy new camera. Keep an eye out for the 9 month picture I plan to take and put in the header in place of the 8 month one. It won't be nearly as good as the picture Sarah Wise took ( but it will be a start!

Here are a few things I know about my child so far (including what I learned at the pediatrician on Friday):

* She is 29 inches long and a little over 19 pounds.
* She can truly eat anything we eat now except eggs, peanuts/peanut butter, and regular milk.
* She wakes up in the night mostly because she has now fully figured out we are gone and she misses us terribly (separation anxiety). Yes she is teething, but that isn't the culprit apparently. BUT, we have had 3 nights so far of no waking up after letting her cry it out a few times. I think she now knows we will show up in the morning.
* She does things when she is good and ready. I should have known this from the get go due to her desire to stay in the womb. She doesn't want to crawl or really do much more than sit and wiggle. However, we did get her to wave and clap in the same day (today actually)! If I can get her to do either of those again on a video camera, you will see just how exciting it is.
* She continues to be obsessed with our dog and pretty much every other dog she meets. We went to the Beans ( Friday night for game night. They have a border collie whose main goal in life is to herd everything and everyone. Lila and I took a seat at their dining room table as he ran circles around us. She laughed and squealed with delight every time he rounded the corner.
* She is the most perfect and wonderful thing I have ever done and I continue to feel like the luckiest mommy around.


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