Thursday, February 4, 2010

Holy CRAP Oprah

I try really hard to get home by between 3:30 and 4:00 every day. There aren't a lot of hours in the day on weekdays that I get to see and hang out with Lila and that bothers me constantly. I also love Oprah. While she can be intense, I truly feel that her show is one of the only ones left that is worth watching. Thank God for DVR. Today I disappointed myself immensely and watched Oprah with Lila instead of watching it while she was sleeping. It's been a rough day for Lila, but more on that later. So I figured, Oprah could make us both feel better. WRONG. I learned that I am destined to get diabetes and that it will probably kill me immediately once I get it. A little heavy there Oprah.

Seriously though. If you haven't watched today's Oprah I encourage you to do so. It's very eye opening and educational in regards to statistics concerning diabetes in this country. On that same note, you should also watch the episode concerning deaths caused by people talking/texting on their cell phones while driving. Again, way on the heavy side. However, the statistics will blow your mind. I am sure I have mentioned this before, but teaching how to write or speak persuasively can be very difficult when you are educating seven-year-olds. I wish that these Oprah episodes were appropriate for me to show in my classroom. Oprah's show has single handedly persuaded me to stop drinking diet coke (or sugar at all for that matter) and to never, ever answer my phone or text in the car again.

Carson came for the first time today. As I've mentioned before, Carson is my friend Katie's baby and my sister will be watching her part time while she is also watching Lila. We believe that Lila is finally teething because she has not been sleeping well at all. She was up at 4 am this morning and really didn't go back to sleep until 6. I, on the other hand, got up with her at 4 and then gave up at 6 and got in the shower while she promptly fell asleep on Seth's arm in our bed (sleep deprived and all it was the cutest thing ever). Lila has been the center of everything for her entire 9 months of life so you can imagine that a new little baby showing up has not been going over well. BUT, she needs to realize she is not the center of the world. Thank goodness Carson is a good sport.


  1. My mom smoked all her life and had bowel cancer (survivor), my MIL smoked all her life, not cancer. My FIL made good health choices all his life and died of Spindle Cell Cancer (a childhood cancer that remained dormaint). My healthy eating aunt has been diagnosed with diabetes. I've heard they keep lowering the mark. Sometimes I wonder if we'll all have diabetes just because they keep lowering the bar.

    I guess the point I am trying to make is all things in moderation - one shouldn't fear all the things that can "get" you.

    I hope your little girl sleeps through the night. It's amazing how they can frazzle you out leaving you tired and wilted and then you see them looking so marvelously adorable that it doesn't matter. That's a little bit of heaven on earth I think.

    Thanks also for stopping by and leaving those sweet words and prayers behind! I so valued them during everything.

  2. I missed Oprah yesterday, is it just the diet soda issue or all sodas and sugar in general???

  3. They actually never pinpointed one soda (they never even mentioned diet!), but they talked about sodas in general and anything that is sugary. Dr. Oz also talked a lot about the "white" foods that are high sugar (breads, rices, etc.). I drink way too much diet soda that has artificial sugars which have to be equally as bad!

  4. Just finished reading "In Defense of Food". You might want to check it out. It's about reducing processed foods and eating real food. Really good read

  5. I stopped drinking soda in 2006. never looked back. don't miss it. once your body is "weaned" from its addiction to sugars, you'll be surprised at how energetic you feel and how rarely you get sick.

    I can relate to the sleep deprivation...will nighttime ever be the same?!


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