Sunday, February 7, 2010

Glitter in the Air

You could say I have a bit of an obsession with music. Of course, what I become obsessed with doesn't always follow the tastes of others, but I often feel like it should. I do get fairly stuck on a song and play it to death. My sister does the same thing. We listen to the song until it drives us crazy or others around us are begging for mercy. Seth falls victim to this all too often. Last night we went on a date night and I proceeded to play my latest obsession at least three times on the way to the movie. Had he let me, it would have been played more than that. That's why it's an obsession. I can't help it. I turned to him and said, "is this not one of the most amazing songs you have ever heard?". His hesitation and half smile told me we were not hearing the same thing. He said, "yea, it's good.". GOOD? Saying this song is good is like saying girl scout cookies, surprise parties, and snow days are good. Those things aren't just good...they are AMAZING. I love adjectives. I love teaching about adjectives. In my class we call the good ones "juicy words". We actually "kill" the boring words like good, bad, nice, pretty, and fun. My students are no longer allowed to use those words in their writing once they are dead. We create little headstones with the boring word at the top (RIP good) and then we use index cards and find much juicier words to put all over the headstone that could be used instead. This run-on of a tangent is to show that good is just not an appropriate word for anything unless you just really want to say something is just alright. In which case, just say that for goodness sake. Don't tell me this amazing song is just good. It hurts my heart (dramatic, I know).

I may sound a little off my rocker, but I'm ok with that. I wrote a post forever ago titled something like "In love with a woman" and I think it threw some people for a loop. I was never actually in love with Grace Potter, but once I discovered her my obsession with her music began and I just couldn't find another way to express it at the time without being sarcastic and insanely dramatic. Sometimes you just have to go there to get a point across you know? I just love words and lyrics are the perfect format for perfect statements and feelings. 

If I bestow anything upon my daughter I hope that it is my crazy passion for music. I am going to have to gain some patience in this department because there may be a chance that she doesn't love the same music I love. BUT, I have to tell myself that as long as she can truly appreciate it to the fullest extent then all will be well. My dad instilled this obsessive behavior in me from a very early age. We actually have a video (before home video cameras had sound) of me singing and dancing (I think I am 3 or 4) and I catch my reflection in the glass door of the entertainment center. My dad is playing the piano in the background and I ever so carefully walk up and kiss my reflection in the glass. Music made me happy (albeit conceited) at a very young age. To this day, it is sometimes the only thing that that can totally change my mood in a matter of minutes (for the better I mean). So, my plan is to dance and sing in my kitchen while Lila laughs at me until one day she knows the words and can love them with me.

So I went to you tube to try and put a video or even just the song in this post and I cannot seem to figure it out. I have done this many times before but it's not working. I am just going to link it below (very disappointing). Maybe tomorrow I can actually sort it out.


  1. Awww man. I missed both episodes. I need to set my DVR. I just telling someone today on Facebook that we need to send a thank you card to whoever invented the DVR.

    I hope your baby get better:-(

  2. oops...I just realized I commented on the wrong post. The first comment was in reference to your Oprah post. that means I really should be in bed.

    That is the song that Pink performed on the Grammy's. I'm ashamed to admit I teared up at the end because the song and her performance went hand in hand.

    I agree with you about music. I wrote a post a while back about how music affects me. The post was inspired by a comment someone left about the music that used to play on my blog. The commenter basically stated that she would follow me, but she didn't like the music playing on my blog. I was like...whatever. But eventually I disabled the music.

    I hope to pass on my love of music to my kids because there is so much crap out there. I expose them to all genres and they have developed an eclectic taste in music.

    I love your tombstone idea you do with your students. What a cool teacher you are!


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