Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have taken a flying leap off the Weight Watchers wagon.

I am so disappointed. Where did I go wrong? Things were going SO well. I had lost four pounds, I was in a groove, and I felt so much more in control. Unfortunately, here I sit eating chocolate and beating myself up. I mean, how do I avoid the constant stream of cupcakes and cookies from a parent for WEEKS and then all of a sudden eat everything that comes across my desk? It's like I've erased all of that hard work in a matter of days.
Honestly, I know where I went wrong. I had a birthday. I drank and ate and lived it up because it was my birthday. Wait, my birthday was TWO WEEKS AGO. I am seriously delusional. Yes, there was a party just a few days ago. Yes, I told myself after that I was back on the wagon. The party was on Saturday. It is now Tuesday and I am eating chocolate like I may never see it again. HELP.
Here is what I have decided. Every time I make a post to this blog my total points for the previous day will have to be stated in bold in the title of the post. I am saying the previous day because we all know that I would put the points up until writing that post and then go crazy afterward and no one would know. That way I will know that you all know that I am being held accountable in some weird way. I can't do meetings. I know, I know. Some would say that's the only way it works. I have done weight watchers before with no meetings and lost weight like a rock star. I know I can do it...
SO, I am allowed 23 points every day. I am going to need you to harrass me with comments if you see a number posted that is any higher than that. This is all riding on you and your ability to support me....no pressure though.

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  1. You don't need to lose weight, you look great! :-) Don't beat yourself up over a little chocolate!


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