Thursday, December 31, 2009

Post of pictures

My sneaky yet amazing husband got me a brand new Mac laptop for Christmas.  We weren't supposed to get each other anything, but that's neither here nor there really.  I am completely Mac illiterate, but I love it. What I love most is Iphoto.  It makes storing, sorting, and using pictures SO manageable.  That is why you are now getting a rush of recent pics that I have been wanting to share and just haven't.  My previous laptop was a POS so I just got lazy and stopped posting pictures as much.  Anyway, follow the picture trail...

Here we have what I consider to be the best of our 6 months pics.  This is the essence of my child in one picture.

Lila meets her best friend Carson for the first time!

I think she looks like Thing One and Thing Two in these pajamas....

My 100 year old great grandmother loves babies!  Lila is so lucky to have her.

My grandfather, John T., having some fun on the floor.

Lila's Christmas Eve mugshot.  Seth's mom took a picture on Halloween that truly looks like a mug shot.  I can't remember if I posted it or not, but if I didn't I will go back and do that because it is hysterical.  Now Seth wants to get a "mug shot" on every holiday.  This one is less of a mug shot and more just a cute picture.

Notice the difference between the above picture and this one.  That was Christmas Eve.  This is Christmas day.  Love the beanie aunt Sara gave her...don't love the head cold that made her miserable.

Playing with all of our new toys!  She gives everything a love pat....especially the singing dog.

And in return she gets love from the real dog!

I just love this picture.  

Last, but not least, is Lila-Wan Kenobi (Seth's nickname and idea).


  1. I love the dog licking her face. LOL


  2. Beautiful pics of a beautiful baby, especially with your great granny. I love generational photos!


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